IPVanish Announces Update To Current Windows VPN Software

IPVanish (www.ipvanish.com) has announced an updated version of their current VPN software designed for Windows. The version build comes with a number of major overhauls over the preceding version.

IPVanish has addressed a few concerns that bugged users, and now offers the Windows version with the ability to choose the city and country along with a sorting function. This allows users the option of choosing a VPN server location according to their preferences from the terminal itself.

Since it is becoming increasingly difficult to access VPN websites over censorships and firewalls, IPVanish has now bundled a list of basic services available, OpenVPN configuration and certificates into the software so that the user don’t have to visit the IPVanish website to retrieve this information.

The new updated software can also now save the previous DNS settings of the network (DNS prior to VPN installation & configuration) and then restore the DNS settings once the user disconnects from the VPN session. This will prevent any unnecessary time delays or lengthy and complex DNS setting changes that might require involvement of the ISPs.

There were a couple of issues with the L2TP VPN connection for IPVanish over Windows XP operating system, which has now been addressed in this software update. Windows XP users who face issues with the L2TP connection can now download the updated version to connect to a VPN seamlessly. Users can also now change the VPN preferences in the new version without trouble.

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