Hemlis is a New Secure IM by Pirate Bay Co-Founder

Hemlis Secure Instant Messenger, a pet project launched by Peter Sunde (the co-founder of Pirate Bay and iPredator VPN), Leif Hogberg and Linus Olsson, set out to achieve $100,000 as startup capital, and surpassed the target within the first 36 hours. It just took an additional 43 hours to come up with 50% more than the initial funding target to raise a total capital of $152,310 from a total of 10,450 supporters.

Hemlis is a beautifully designed instant messaging app intended for iOS and Android operating systems that offers foolproof security for IM users. With Hemlis, you can text messages for free, but for advanced IM features, users will have to pay for a subscription. With this project, the founders hope to eliminate interference from any surveillance program such as PRISM. Therefore, communication privacy is the key theme for Hemlis.

Hemlis is derived from the Swedish language, which means “Secret”. The website is accessible at Heml.is which is a domain situated in Iceland, a country known to have high levels of data privacy and less co-operation with surveillance requests. Hemlis project aims to run dedicated servers owned by the company itself that will ultimately decrease any kind of external interference. As of present, Hemlis will not be launched as an open-source platform to eliminate any kind of security loopholes.

Hemlis Funded