How To Unblock VoIP In Middle East

The Middle East is indeed the hub of business and is an epitome to modern day success. Wherever you go, all you can see is a host of modern touches that keeps in tune with the times. This has made the Middle East an attractive proposition for global investors to start up international ventures and enjoy numerous benefits.

However, it may come as a surprise that the Middle East is still considered to be one of the most conservative nations in the world. There are numerous laws in place that are part of the Islamic laws, and religious implications make the Middle East a highly perilous venue for starting up new companies.

The most significant modern day problem is accessing VoIP platforms such as Skype. VoIP is blocked in the Middle East. Countries like the United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and all other Middle Eastern countries such as Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar and other similar countries have all imposed Islamic laws and internet content filters that filter VoIP. You’re are simply not supposed to be able to access VoIP. But there’s a simple way to do defy the censorship and get full access to VoIP, including Skype in the Middle East.

Content censorship is a huge problem in these Middle Eastern nations. All the GCC nations actively monitor the flow of traffic and block websites and content that is deemed to be in violation of their fundamental core values. However, it can be understood in the case of porn websites or websites that display obscenities.

Middle East actively monitors platforms that allow free speech. We can’t see any problem with VoIP platforms. According to these nations, VoIP websites contain certain elements and host content that “disrespects the country’s laws, beliefs or the values of Islam”. Now that is something that got us thinking. All we can come up with and it has been proven many times, is the fact that VoIP platforms offer some of the cheapest call rates that can put a serious dent into the profits of communications companies catering to Middle Eastern consumers.

In most cases, VoIP allows free unlimited voice time, and even offers the ability to make conversations face to face. This is something that the Middle Eastern Communications companies offers as a premium service to their residents. Therefore, if people use VoIP, the companies will face losses, which is something that forced the companies to tinker with existing laws to outlaw and block VoIP.

VoIP is essential for modern day businesses, and VoIP platforms can be used to connect different places together at an instant. VoIP has made it possible to organize group meetings between individuals from different parts of the world. However, basing a business out of the Middle East will require companies to pay a premium for this feature, which otherwise, could have been enjoyed for free or for extremely cheap call rates.

How To Unblock VoIP In Middle East?

The best way to unblock VoIP in Middle East is to utilize the services of a VPN service provider, like HideMyAss! Pro VPN, IPVanish, and VyprVPN.

A VPN service provider lets you encrypt your online conversation and lets you choose a different location as your virtual IP. These data encryption and traffic rerouting technologies will help you to bypass internet censorship filters and access any content over the internet with the kind of freedom that the internet provides.

Head this way to choose from our recommended list of VPN service providers. Then connect to a VPN server and download/install the VoIP platform and you are good to go. You can unblock VoIP in Middle East and enjoy unlimited VoIP services without any hindrance.

From time to time, some VPN providers becomes blocked in certain countries. If you have experienced a VPN provider that works or does not, please share your insights in the comment box below. That would be helpful for all our readers.