VyprVPN Expands Deeper Into Europe & Asia

Golden Frog, the company that owns VyprVPN, is on a server expansion phase, and is currently rolling out new servers every week. The latest additions include servers added in Ireland, Italy, Singapore and Malaysia.

Today, VyprVPN offers a massive server network across 17 different countries, and contains over 19 different server clusters. Unlike ordinary VPN server farms, VyprVPN’s clusters consists of numerous servers installed within a cluster to help mobilize traffic, and to help redistribute load for optimum browsing speed and performance. This is also advantageous when it comes to user anonymity, as specific activity of any user cannot be pinpointed due to the traffic mixing and rerouting happening within these server clusters.

VyprVPN users are provided with an option to choose from 200,000 different IPs. The company has promised additional server expansion over the coming weeks and months, which will prove to be highly beneficial for existing as well as new VyprVPN subscribers. VyprVPN subscription starts at $9.99 per month.

VyprVPN Server Expansion