IPVanish 2nd Quater Update: More Of Everything

In their effort to become the biggest and best VPN service provider, IPVanish has just reached a milestone by adding their 100th server as per April 25, 2013. This makes IPVanish among the VPN companies that have the biggest network of servers.

In the early chapter of 2013 alone, IPVanish already added 27 new servers for its worldwide users to securely connect to. As IPVanish improves and expand its serviceability, it will surely add more servers in the near future. As of this writing, the VPN company already has more than 100 servers located in 43 countries.

IPvanish server

Here are the latest server additions from IPVanish:

  • 1 new server in Chisinau, Moldava
  • 1 new server in Dublin, Ireland
  • 1 new server in Warsaw, Poland
  • 1 new server in New York, USA
  • 3 new servers in Phoenix, USA

IPVanish’ New Android App

IPVanish Android App

IPVanish also updated its Windows clients. The latest version resolves connectivity and server speed issues. The Windows client UI also includes interface management and DNS caching/flushing.

Furthermore, IPVanish just recently announces the availability of an Android app. IPVanish knows the market clearly. Since Android is the top mobile OS today, it definitely make sense to develop a dedicated client app for it. Android users can now connect to the IPVanish server anywhere in the world.

IPVanish still offer one of the best offers in the VPN industry. As a tier-1 VPN network, IPVanish can surely dominate the market. Also, it offers a subscription fee of as low as $6.49 a month. There’s no doubt why IPVanish is one of the most popular VPN service providers according to our readers.

More Updates this 2013

IPVanish is an incredible VPN service provider that just keeps on expanding. They’ve already told us that more big updates are coming this year from IPVanish.