Apple’s Redesigned iOS 7 Expands VPN Support

A couple of days ago, the all-new iOS 7 has finally been made known to the public, featuring a redesigned fresh-looking interface, new Control Center, enhanced multitasking capacities, new camera options and more. And as Apple CEO Tim Cook described it, the new operating system (iOS7) is indeed “the biggest change to iOS since the introduction of the iPhone.”

According to reports, the new operating system will become available for iPhone 4, 4s, 5 and iPad’s second, third and fourth generations, on the new iPad mini and the latest iPod touch (fifth gen). And of course, it would still support your favourite apps and functionalities including VPN. iOS 7 VPN will be a hit that’s for sure.


What’s new in iOS7

Stats show that Apple’s iOS continues to lose market shares in some significant areas. Android on the other hand remains the top OS with more than 52% if the overall smartphone market. But with the upcoming iOS 7, many are hoping that Apple would again regain the top spot.

So what are the features included in the new Apple operating system? Below are some of the features that you might find interesting.

  • Unlike the current lockscreen functionality wherein you push a slider to unlock the phone, in iOS7, users simply need to swipe left on any part of the screen
  • The notification centre is also given a makeover. It’s not already a long list of notifications; it now separates tabs per category (All, Today and Missed)
  • The camera app comes with a new interface as well. The shutter button was made larger, photos can now be organized by time and location, and it comes with new camera options like Instagram-type photo effects
  • Expect a new calendar view as well
  • Other features include AirDrop, iRadio and a new homescreen UI

Expanded VPN Functionality in iOS 7

The new iOS 7 appears to expand the Apple operating system’s support for VPN. With any operating system, there is no guarantee that it’ll provide complete online security. That is why a need for iOS 7 VPN is a must. Also, using iOS 7 VPN would let users browse through any geo-restricted websites anywhere in the world.

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iOS 7 will surely appeal to the existing iOS users and potentially other platform users as well. By the time iOS 7 starts rolling out in the fall, it’ll be a smart move to get protected from all sorts of cyber treat. Getting iOS 7 VPN would definitely be a priority.