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SmartDNS Vs VPN: Which Service is Better

By Paul Nash Email | 26 June 2013 at 12:48 pm CET | No Comments

In our recent article on Overplay’s new service offering, we told you about a new feature called the SmartDNS. Today, we’re going to tell you which technology is best. Is it the conventional VPN service or this new unblocking tool called SmartDNS? Read along to know the answer to this important question.

VPN explained

VPN, which stands for Virtual Private Network, is a tool or network that lets users securely link to virtual tunnels that connect to numerous systems.

Using a VPN though requires users to connect to a VPN server. Upon establishing a connection between your computer and the server, everything you do on the internet would already be encrypted, thus allowing secure internet browsing.

In lay man’s term, VPN is simple something that allows you to surf the web securely, privately and anonymously. So if privacy and anonymity is something you greatly value, then you should definitely subscribe to a VPN provider.

The difference between SmartDNS and VPN

Both VPN and SmartDNS provide anonymous web browsing experiences. But when it comes to ease of use, SmartDNS tops VPN service. Why is this so?

While a SmartDNS allow access to unblock websites, it does not provide any form of encryption. This only means that users don’t have to deal with speed slowdown issues. Users can enjoy browsing with their internet’s original speed. No more buffering issues, no more pausing of streaming videos. With SmartDNS, users can browse through any website on any platform.

But with all this convenience features comes disadvantages too. SmartDNS may be a lot easier to use than a VPN, but it certainly can’t match what VPN can offer.

Like I said, a SmartDNS can be used to access BLOCKED websites only. It does not provide encryptions, it does not mask your actual IP address and it’s best used for streaming online videos like HULU, NETFLIX and others.

The good thing about SmartDNS is that it works well with all platforms. Many VPN services don’t work on devices such as Televisions and gaming consoles. Thanks to SmartDNS, users can now watch any local or foreign websites on the any internet-capable device. Plus, it’s faster than VPN.

What to choose: VPN or SmartDNS?

If you want a complete internet security tool, then go for VPN. But if you want to be able to access blocked sites, then SmartDNS is a better choice. By the way, “DNS” in SmartDNS stands for “domain name system”. So, basically, SmartDNS is just a tool for unblocking all domain restrictions.

The good news is that VPN and SmartDNS can work simultaneously. Like what Overplay is offering, paid subscribers get to have a free SmartDNS service as well.

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Paul Nash


Paul Nash

Paul earned his degree in Electronics Engineering in Manila, Philippines. Reporting from one of Asia’s fastest growing megacities, he has a first-hand perspective on technology development and how it influences and enables people to live better lives. Paul has been writing for VPN Creative since 2012 and is covering subjects related to Internet security, online privacy. In his own words, he is young, ambitious and weird (in the best possible way!).

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