iVPN Privacy Updates It’s Privacy Guides


One of the many concerns when it comes choosing which VPN provider to go for is the company’s privacy policy. In today’s modern world, when we talk about VPN, it’s already a synonym word for “online privacy”. However, many VPN providers still do not disclose what information are gathered from the user’s end, and which details are being ignored.

iVPN recently revised its privacy guides not to compromise the users’ privacy and security, but to educate them on the tools and technologies that can help protect not only their personal data, but also their identity. With this new privacy guide, users can better understand why a VPN is needed in the first place, how it should work and an introductory course about TOR and I2P.

Here are the other guides included in the revised privacy policy:

It’s thoughtful at the same time a clever act for iVPN. Providing an informative Privacy guide will not only improve user awareness towards the real deal with VPN, but it can also be marketing campaign that can convince users to subscribe to their VPN service. This new privacy policy shows that iVPN is not only after your money, but it’s here to help you with your needs (online security, anonymity) and more.

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