Private Internet Access Responds to NSA / PRISM Controversy

By now, it is clear that the PRISM program carried out by the National Security Agency (NSA) in USA has far reaching effects on the privacy and anonymity of individuals around the world. The verdict is out, and the United States Government is going all out in their efforts to bring the whistleblower to justice.

But despite the political turmoil and the growing support for both sides of the debate, one thing is clear, law-abiding citizens are finding it extremely hard to retain their privacy. Ultimately, most internet users resort to IP hiding technologies such as Virtual Private Networks (VPN) to hide behind virtual IPs and encrypt their online browsing data.

However, due to the recent history and findings, even VPN service providers are under the radar, and are being forced into revealing user oriented data. Usually, a VPN service provider encrypts data before sending it over public networks, but the user behavior and websites visited can be logged at the discretion of the VPN service provider. The PRISM program exploits this loophole and forces VPN companies into revealing this data.


However, we have always believed that VPN subscription and subsequent usage must be 100% anonymous, and the premium subscription for such a service should justify complete online security and anonymity. A truly anonymous VPN service provider will not keep log of any user oriented data, and mixes its traffic so that no single user can be tied to any amount of web traffic.

Private Internet Access (PIA), a popular VPN service provider, has officially gone on record to rebut claims that PIA is working closely with PRISM. On the contrary, PIA is one of the few VPN companies that value user privacy and anonymity. With a detailed “No Log” policy in place, PIA is dedicated towards user privacy and online anonymity.

We hope other VPN companies come to fore and make their stand clear when it comes to PRISM and the controversies related to VPN companies and the community as a whole.