VPN Gate Review

It’s unfortunate how cyber security is becoming a major issue these days. More and more people are falling prey to cyber criminals who are up to no good. Basic firewall alone is already not enough to secure our ever growing demand for internet access. Thankfully, VPN is here to save the day.

There is definitely a need for better internet security. Among the top VPN providers / results when you Google the word “VPN” is VPN Gate (http://www.vpngate.net‎). I first learned about VPN Gate a couple of months ago but never really gave much attention to it. Though I have never tried the service yet, I’ve heard that it’s quite a good VPN service.

So, I did an extensive research about VPN Gate and below are the things I learned about this VPN service provider.

What to expect from VPN Gate

As it turns out, there is not much that users can expect from VPN Gate. It has a simplistic website yet its landing page is loaded with tons of information about its servers. If you go visit it, it will reveal your location and IP address – which is quite accurate I must say.

VPN Gate is a completely free VPN service. It quotes in their website that the service will NEVER become a paid subscription type in the future. This is very much possible since it is being run by volunteers. The service was launched in March 2013 as an academic experiment at the University of Tsukuba in Japan.

The team behind this online service is working on keeping the service for eight years or more. This does leave a lingering question about the service’s availability and continuation. Since the service is free, it’s very possible for it to end anytime when the team behind this project stops supporting it.

VPN Gate overview

VPN Gate

There are 3 main advantages of using the service. You can bypass any internet censorship or restriction, anonymously surf the web and get secured connections on Wi-Fi hotspots. This is really not something new to the VPN world. Most VPN service providers offer such services / features. But unlike other VPN services, VPN Gate is free of charge. You can get the same features you would if you subscribe to a premium VPN account.

There is a wide range of servers located around the globe. VPN Gate’s servers are Public VPN Relay Servers since they are hosted by volunteers. Anyone who uses the service can also join the ever expanding list of relay servers.

VPN Gate supports different platforms. VPN protocols vary depending on the operating system in use. For windows, supported protocols are SoftEther VPN (Recommended), L2TP/IPsec, OpenVPN and MS-SSTP. Supported protocols for Mac and mobile devices such as iOS and Android OS are L2TP/IPsec and OpenVPN. Visit http://www.vpngate.net/en/howto for a detailed configuration on different platforms.


VPN Gate is not your typical VPN service. It has some unique features that you can never find on a more popular VPN provider. It truly is a free of charge service. We give props to the VPN Gate team for doing a good job catering to the needs of its existing users.

But when it comes to the overall service, it’s just not what we are looking for in a VPN technology. Some say it does not provide complete anonymity features. And the biggest concern here is the future of the service.

If a volunteer who had provided the VPN server stops hosting or if the company stops operating, what is then left of existing and loyal users? As for now, the service is quite remarkable. Although the connection speed is not that fast, it’s perfectly acceptable since it’s a free service. I guess as long as the service is still available, people should at least give it a try. Besides, it’s free of charge anyway.