Best VPN for Mac OSX 2013

With more and more issues arising from Windows OS, many PC users have already made the switch and are now enjoying the Mac experience. Apple’s Mac OS is definitely one of the best computers today. Though it’s priced far more expensive than its counterparts, Mac computers are certainly bang for the buck.

Today, almost all people are already joining the bandwagon of tech savvy individuals. Apple products are one of the most talked about and most widely used innovations today. The current generation of Mac computers obviously have more outstanding features. While Macs are considered as the better platform, there are still more Windows than Macs today. This only means that developers still prefer supporting Windows over Macs.

When it comes to VPN software, nearly all VPN service providers support Mac OS. Unfortunately, not all offer a dedicated client for the Mac platform. If you’re looking for a VPN provider that’ll work with your Mac machine, you’ll have a hard time choosing the right one since there are probably around 100 to 150 VPNs today.

Finding a VPN for Mac

The need for VPN on all type of devices or OS’s is a must these days. The internet clearly isn’t the safest place in the planet today. There are different kinds of security threats all over the internet. But with a VPN, the right VPN for that matter, you can and will have the top security tool.

Take a look at our summary of the best VPN for Macs. For years, we’ve been reviewing different VPN services providers and the list below comprises of the VPNs that stood out as the best VPN for Mac computers.

VPN for Mac

Best VPN for Mac 2013: The Nominees



Fast and packed with so many great features, ExpressVPN is a simple yet outstanding VPN provider. It offers affordable subscription rates, unlimited bandwidth, unrestricted speed and a 24/7 customer support. Its servers are located in 23 countries. If you are a Mac user, you can download their dedicated client or you may also manually configure your computer to be able to connect to an ExpressVPN server. To read more about this VPN provider, read our ExpressVPN review.



HideMyAss is one of the most popular VPN service providers available on the market today. It supports almost all devices and operating systems. For any device or any purpose, HideMyAss is certainly the right VPN for anyone. It will surely work whether you are using Windows, Linux or Mac platforms, on a computer or smartphones. Read our HideMyAss VPN review.



Nothing really compares to the kind of service that PureVPN provides despite that there are already hundreds of VPNs existing nowadays. Aside from providing internet security, the company also provide internet freedom. PureVPN absolutely caters all the VPN features that you need. There is a dedicated client for Windows and Mac operating systems. Refer the rest of our PureVPN review.



IbVPN offers cheap rates but this doesn’t mean that the kind of service that it offers is being compromised. It definitely delivers outstanding service at a low price that other competitors can’t match. ibVPN supports all major operating systems like Windows, Mac and Linux. More information can be found in our comprehensive ibVPN review.



Choose StrongVPN if you are after a trustworthy VPN provider. The company have started providing reliable hosting services since 2005. StrongVPN now offers exceptional VPN service that guarantees value for money. Users can certainly depend on an amazingly reliable VPN connections with over 300 servers located all over the world. It has a dedicated client for Mac OS but users can also opt to manually setup and configure their computers to get VPN access. Check out a complete review on StrongVPN here.

Securing Mac with VPN

Have you recently switched to the Mac OS? Or are you long-time Mac user and is looking for a way to get excellent security features? Choose from the nominees above. Share your experience with VPN for Mac on the comment box below.

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