Best VPN For iPad & iOS 2013

As our technology develops, more and more gadgets are also being introduced to the marketplace. We are now enjoying the best technologies that can make life a lot easier, and tablets are among of them. When tablets were first introduced, people immediately thought that it was an amazing gadget, but still many questioned its longevity. But looking at the way things are going today, there’s a big possibility that tablets might someday replace PCs.

The iPad is probably the most widely known type or brand of tablet PC today. As a matter of fact, Apple’s iPad is still the best selling tablet to date. Having said that, many people already prefer browsing the web thru a tablet than on a computer. Most iPad users also prefer connecting to a Wi-Fi connection, which in most cases are unsecured network.

Get Private and Secured VPN for iPad

Whether you are connecting to a 3G connection or thru a Wi-Fi hotspot, you wouldn’t really know if your internet access/connection is secured or not. There is however a way on how you can manage a secured internet access on your iPad. A VPN for iPad is necessary to have the ultimate line of defence in keeping your data secured.

Why is it crucial to have VPN on all internet-capable devices anyway? It is because most public Wi-Fi hotspots are not encrypted. Meaning, anyone within the Wi-Fi range can spy or monitor all your activities. So if you own an iPad, you may want to get the best VPN for iPad to get maximum internet protection. If your iPad is equipped with a VPN technology, only then can you be assured that your gadget’s firewall is unbreakable.

Below are 5 amazing VPNs for iPad. If you have been using any of the VPNs on your iPad, you can share your experiences with that VPN on the comment box. You can even vote for the VPN which you think provides the best features on an iPad device. Let others get an idea on the VPNs below to help them decide which VPN to get on their iPad.

Best VPN for Android 2013: The Nominees


Pure VPN

PureVPN is considered to be one of the trusted brands when it comes to VPN services. While there is no dedicated app offered, the service is nevertheless superb! PureVPN provides full speed, 128bit strong encryption, a dedicated support staff that is available 24/7 and has numerous servers all over the world. Get your iPad a VPN, choose PureVPN. For more information on, read our comprehensive review on PureVPN.


Strong VPN

You can never go wrong with StrongVPN. This VPN provides security for hotpot surfers, unblocks websites overseas, it offers 128-2048 secure encrypted channel and many more. For iPad users, you’ll need to manually setup your devices to be able to connect to a StrongVPN server. For other information on this VPN provider, check out our review on Strong VPN.


Express VPN

For unblocking the web, Express VPN is the best choice. Established in 2008, Express VPN now has numerous servers in 23 countries. It offers unlimited VPN services for a reasonable price with a generous 30-day money back guarantee. Express VPN is also one of the few VPNs that provide a dedicated VPN app for iPads. This is most certainly one of its main advantages from other VPNs. Check out our complete review on Express VPN.



The best personal VPN for iPad is offered by VyprVPN. Encrypt your web browsing on your iPad or iOS device. Aside from the amazing features that VyprVPN offers, subscribers are also entitled to some freebies like a Dump Truck free 5 GB cloud storage. VyprVPN offers a dedicated app for iPad devices available on the App Store. Here’s a complete review on VyprVPN.



The list wouldn’t be complete without HideMyAss. HMA is like the standard of VPNs today. If you want to anonymously browse the web on a secured internet connection; that is very much possible with HMA! Pro VPN. No need to install any software on your iPad. Simply follow the step-by-step guide found on their site on how to configure HMA on an iPad. Don’t forget to check our review on HideMyAss.

The iPad is an awesome device! And for an awesome device, it only deserves the best VPN connection. We want to know which VPN do you think provides the best VPN service on iPads. The nominees for the best VPN for iPad 2013 has been choose, it’s your time to cast your vote now!

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