Best VPN For Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8

What is the best VPN for Windows 2013? We would like our readers to choose the best VPN for Windows through our poll, which will help us determine the most popular VPN service provider that offers the most complete VPN package for Windows users.

During our testing phase, we have found several VPN service providers that offer great VPN platforms for the Windows OS, but we would like you, the actual user, to choose one that you feel deserves a special mention in this awards category. We believe that only a dedicated Windows VPN user will be in the best position to correctly analyze and review the best VPN for Windows.

Best VPN For Windows

Windows is indeed the most popular OS and is being used by over 90% of the desktop and laptop users combined. Therefore, it is only natural for us to find the best VPN for Windows that works seamlessly and offers the best experience for Windows VPN users.

There are countless numbers of VPN service providers, and new ones are being launched at an alarming pace. It is customary for every VPN company to design a VPN application for Windows by default. After all, chances are high that at least a majority of their users will run a VPN application on any Windows device. This is also another reason why most VPN companies choose to ignore developing dedicated VPN platforms for other operating systems.

We have created a list of nominees for what we think offers the best VPN for Windows. While choosing the nominees for the Best VPN for Windows, we looked at the overall design, ease of use, number of features on offer, Windows compatibility, ease of selecting VPN functions, reliability and effectiveness of encrypting data.

We were also concerned with VPN dialers malfunctioning and revealing the original IP address during a drop in connection. This is a serious issue that is addressed only by a handful of VPN companies. Therefore, our list of nominees consists of only those VPN companies who have in-built VPN settings to disconnect a computer from the network when a drop in connection is detected.


Best VPN For Windows 2013: The Nominees

best vpn hidemyass


HideMyAss! is still ruling the rooster when it comes to a complete package for the Windows platform. With an excellent VPN platform that works brilliantly with the Windows OS, HideMyAss! offers some of the best VPN features in the industry. Over time, HideMyAss! has proved to be the standard benchmark for all other companies to follow suite.



An enterprising company that aims to please its users, BolehVPN is home to one of the most efficient and simple to use VPN application available for the Windows platform. In fact, BolehVPN concentrates most of their efforts towards the Windows user only, which makes this company one of the best choices for our nominees list. BolehVPN is also one of the few companies that takes their customers’ requirements seriously.



Giving other large VPN companies a run for their money, this relatively new VPN operation has captured a sizeable market share, thanks largely to an excellent VPN service and a supporting Windows platform. IPVanish has one of the best VPN for Windows platforms that are intuitive and easy to use. IPVanish is certainly at the forefront when it comes to the VPN features on offer, and their Windows VPN platform makes thing much more attractive.



VyprVPN is certainly one of the fastest VPN service providers, and their Windows platform is one of the best in the industry. It is extremely simple and works seamlessly in the background. VyprVPN is only one of the few companies that develop dedicated VPN platforms for other operating systems. This describes the designing and developing prowess of VyprVPN, which is reflected in the way the Windows VPN platform works.



ExpressVPN is another VPN service provider that has designed an excellent VPN for Windows application. The platform is really easy to use, and all the features are available at your fingertips. When it comes to their VPN service, it is reliable and will get the job done. While ExpressVPN doesn’t boast of any single stand-out feature, each of their VPN features, along with an excellent Windows platform, does relate to the requirements of the end user, which gave it a place in this nomination list.

You have the nominees, now is the time for you to vote for the Best VPN for Windows. If you feel that any other VPN service provider deserves a mention in this category, do let us know about it through the comments section below.

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