Best VPN For Android Mobile Phones 2013

It’s pretty clear that mobile devices are already a huge part of our lives. Most of us have at least one smartphone. We use our smartphones every single day for communication purposes, for browsing the web or for playing all sorts of games. A smartphone is the first thing you pick up in the morning and the last thing you put away at night. Sometimes you even sleep with your smartphone nearby.

While a smartphone provides convenience to the user, the way it is being used can cause serious problems. You’ve probably heard of stories about celebrities’ phones getting hacked and sensitive and private information are being stolen. Photos or videos are being leaked and personal data are being stolen; it doesn’t really matter whether you are connecting to the internet using a Wi-Fi connection or on 3G.

The Need for a VPN for Android

This is why a VPN for Android devices, the most widely used operating system for mobile, is available and might just be very useful. Not only will it encrypt all mobile traffic, a VPN for Android will also allow secured and private internet connections, be it in on Wi-Fi or 3G.

The question now is, which is the best VPN for Android phones? Because if you want complete internet security and anonymity, you’ll want to get the best VPN product. We have shortlisted 5 of the best and reliable Android VPNs below.

For users who are already using VPN for Android, please pick the VPN which you think is the best for Android devices and let us know your experiences with this provider.

For those who are still shopping around for a VPN product for their Android phones, you can refer to the poll to get a sense of which VPN is the best for Android phones.

Best VPN for Android 2013: The Nominees



The Android VPN mobile app/client from VyprVPN is one of the finest VPN out there. Unlike most VPN provider wherein manual setup is required to connect to a VPN server, VyprVPN makes it simple for users to use their services by offering an easy to install mobile client that has a straight forward UI both for Android and iOS. Read our comprehensive review on VyprVPN.



HideMyAss is of course the most widely known VPN provider. It’s the VPN service that offers the most number of anonymous IP addresses, most number of VPN servers and most number of satisfied customers.

Using HideMyAss on a mobile device doesn’t require any installation process. HideMyAss mobile VPN is simple to setup and works perfectly on Android devices. Read our comprehensive review on HideMyAss.



ibVPN provides increased online privacy and security, whether you are browsing the web through a computer or a mobile device. ibVPN also offers the best VPN rates that no other VPN service provider can match.

It offers OpenVPN protocol for mobile devices like Android and iOS. Have a secured connection anytime and anywhere with ibVPN. Read our comprehensive review on ibVPN.



Surfing the web with security and anonymity is very much possible with a tool such as Express VPN . It provides high-speed VPN connections and amazing encryption features both for computers and mobile devices.

Express VPN has a mobile app for Android and iOS, which works pretty well and provides stable VPN connection. Read our comprehensive review on Express VPN.



IPVanish is a highly recommended VPN service with a huge number of users. What’s great about IPVanish is that even though it was only launched in 2012, it can already match up with widely recognized VPN services like HideMyAss.

The company also extends its VPN services thru mobile devices. Though it doesn’t have any dedicated mobile app, users can manually setup IPVanish on their Android or iOS devices. Read our comprehensive review on IPVanish.


Private Internet Access

The aptly named Private Internet Access is a VPN service provider that allows users to surf the internet with complete privacy, using traffic encryption backed by a number of servers spread out across three different countries.

Private Internet Access is ideal for people who want a simple, direct VPN service provider that doesn’t require a lot of technical know how. Private Internet Access may not have as many features or servers as other VPN services, but they have one of the lowest rates at $3.33 if you choose a one year subscription, so they’re certainly priced reasonably. Read our review on Private Internet Access.

best vpn strongvpn


StrongVPN does offer some amazing collection of different VPN packages that are aptly suited to mobile users. The lack of dedicated mobile VPN apps is clearly compensated by the mobile device compatibility and features that are flexibly and conveniently offered to users. To learn more about this VPN provider, read our StrongVPN review.

Share your experience using VPN for Android. What VPN product did you find the most reliable and most useful? Vote for the VPN that provided the best experience for you.

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