Use Netflix ISP Speed Index To Determine Which ISPs Offer Best Streaming

Netflix can now determine which ISP has the best streaming performance. The Netflix ISP Speed Index was recently launced. This is a new website dedicated to ranking and analyzing ISP streaming performances all over the world.

Since Netflix is a great source of online video contents, it is just but proper that it should have insights to the performances of hundreds of millions of long duration, HD video streams delivered over the internet. This new website which makes it easier to get a glimpse on the top ISPs is not only for Netflix’s best interests, but more importantly, it would also be beneficial for users since they can now easily determine which ISP offers the better and faster streaming services.

The launch of this ranking page would also allow Netflix to persuade all ISPs to join in the company’s Open Connect Delivery Network, where the highest video quality formats such as Super HD and 3D streams are being offered. Although joining the network is totally free, many ISPs still complain about how Netflix is withholding video contents to gain the business edge.

Cox, one of the few companies that joined Netflix’s Content Delivery Network, have already gain 5 more spots up the ranking this month. Cablevision, another company that signed up to Netflix’s CDN now has access to Netflix Super HD, the highest video quality format offered by the Netflix.

Netflix just started publishing monthly performance rankings of US ISPs last December. You can check those stats on Google Fiber topped the list with an average bitrate of 3.35Mbps. Data from Mexico, Ireland, UL, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland are also available on the site.

Thanks to this newest development from Netflix. Users now know which ISPs provide the best streaming performances. The higher an ISP rank the better video content format it also offers. Now tell us, how is your ISP ranking on Netflix’s ISP speed index page?