Renting Movies on Google Play Outside USA

Renting Movies on Google Play

A few years back renting movies on Google Play became possible, but only for those who are located inside the US. It would be excellent if we show you a way to rent these movies from outside the US. Continue your reading and learn how to rent movies from the Android Market outside the US.

When you try to rent movies from the Android Market, they check your IP address first and deny your access as they find a non-US address. So in order to rent movies, you just have to obtain a US based IP address. You can easily do that by connecting to a Virtual Private Network (VPN). If you connect to a VPN server located in the US, it will route your entire data; so that it will enable you to hide behind and surf as a US visitor. It might sound slightly complex, but in truth, it is very easy.

Renting movies on Google Play using VPN

It’s quite easy, just go to Settings > Wireless & networks > VPN settings on your android device and add the settings.

To connect to a VPN server, you have to subscribe with a reliable VPN provider first. You have to choose a VPN service very carefully as there are many scammers online. When selecting a service you have to make sure that they have at least one VPN server in us, provide fast, steady and reliable connection and offer plenty of bandwidth for streaming.

VPN bypasses all sorts of internet restrictions so that users can freely access any information they desire. Get a reliable VPN service to be able to rent movies on Google Play even outside the US.

After subscribing with a VPN package, log in to your account, and choose a US server to connect from. In order for Google Play to grant you access on the site or allow you to rent movies from their video library, you will need to use an American IP Address.

Once you are connected to a US server, you will then be allowed to rent any movie you are interested in. Thanks to VPN, renting movies on Google Play outside the US is now a possibility.