Hotel VPN: Bypassing Hotel Firewalls and Online Restrictions

This article will show you how to stay safe while traveling using a hotel VPN. Today, more people are travelling than ever before. It is because transportation has been already less expensive, more convenient, safer and of course faster.

And when we talk about frequent travelling, hotel accommodations always comes to mind.

It is very likely that when you’re travelling abroad or anywhere outside your city or state, you’re bringing along your smartphone or laptop computer.

People still tend to entertain some work-related stuff even when they are supposed to be having fun at the beach, enjoying time away from work, etc. Thus, having a safe connection when using a hotel wifi is very essential while traveling.

Is the Hotel Wifi Safe?

While you can definitely use your data plan when you’re travelling abroad, it’s not really a good idea since it will cost you a lot.

So as to avoid high mobile data roaming charges, you can just connect to the hotel Wi-Fi internet access of which the hotel you are staying at is offering; that is if they have any internet service.

hotel WiFi not safe

Hotel WiFi networks are as unsafe as any other public WiFi hotspot.

Hotel internet usually doesn’t come for free. But even if they do offer Free Internet, you still wouldn’t be able to maximize surfing the web since most hotels implement some annoying internet limitations just so they can persuade you into paying for premium / extra charges.

So if you really want a decent internet connect, well, you have to pay for it. You’ll be charged for hourly browsing or daily internet usage.

As much as possible, you shouldn’t really browse the internet using Free Wi-Fi connections or even for premium Internet services offered by hotels.

Why you may ask?

Well, you don’t actually know if the network is secured or not. Who knows, hackers may already have access to the Wi-Fi connection you are using to surf the web. And if that’s the case, you’re definitely in trouble.

The Importance of a Hotel VPN

You should always take precautions whenever you are surfing the internet. If you are connecting to a Hotel internet service or to any Wi-Fi connection for that matter, you should secure your system with a VPN service. With a VPN, you can bypass hotel firewalls and all sorts of online restrictions.

With a Hotel VPN, you wouldn’t have to worry about cyber threats. As long as you are connected to your VPN account, you can safely browse the internet and even watch videos on Hulu Plus or other video streaming services.

Best Hotel VPN Service

If you’re planning on subscribing to a VPN service before travelling, make sure that you only sign up to a reliable VPN provider.

Recently, we asked our readers about the best VPN service. We suggest that you try out one of the winners: HideMyAss! VPN Pro, IPVanish VPN or Express VPN.

All 3 VPN services provide unlimited speed, unlimited bandwidth usage and support mobile platforms, which would be very beneficial when you’re connecting via WI-Fi Hotspots in malls, restaurants or any place outside your hotel.



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Express VPN

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