Best VPN 2013

In your opinion, which is the best VPN 2013? It is indeed a difficult choice to make, and certainly an important matter. We have reached at a point where most of the top VPN companies have started to offer some remarkably high quality VPN services to keep our VPN requirements fulfilled.

VPN Creative is looking for the Best VPN 2013. For this reason, we’re reaching out to our readers to ask what YOU think about the VPN services rendered over the past year, and which VPN service provider stands the test of time to emerge victorious for this prestigious accolade.

Selecting the best VPN simply doesn’t mean choosing a VPN service provider that spends a lot of money and resources on advertising/marketing, or one that spends so much time worrying about the branding aspect, rather than concentrating on the actual VPN service you’re paying for.

The success of a VPN service provider can be determined by the number of satisfied customers, rather than the profits or sales targets. Sometimes, a cheap VPN service provider can rope in a large number of customers, only to leave them high and dry without offering proper VPN services or support. An expensive VPN company, on the other hand, might offer a good set of services, but the pricing may be way too high to rope in the required sales numbers.

Selecting the Best VPN

We are looking at the industry with a measured approach. It is the combination of a good pricing strategy, coupled with a list of effective VPN features that will bring in the desired success for a VPN company.

To choose a winner in this category, our Editors have shortlisted the nominees for the Best VPN 2013 Award. We have carefully chosen the nominees according to the VPN services rendered to the end user. VPN services are unique and are user-specific. There are different types of VPN users in the industry, and each consumer is looking for a specific feature or two while choosing the best VPN for their requirements.

Application of VPN services range from online anonymity to online security. There are users who are just looking to browse the web anonymously by changing their IP address and server. Other VPN users use them for bypassing censorship and unblocking website content. There are other users who use a VPN for viewing geo-specific content such as Netflix, Hulu and iPlayer. And did we mention the security aspect of using a VPN? Most VPN users these days browse through a VPN to secure their confidential information, especially due to the popularity and convenience of wireless networks.

We believe that it is a culmination of all the aspects of the user that can help us choose the nominees, and you, the user, will be the final judge to pick the winner. Here are the nominees:

Best VPN 2013: The Nominees



VyprVPN offered the fastest VPN speed during our testing phase, and is certainly one of the best VPN service providers in the industry. VyprVPN uses proprietary server rerouting technologies that has helped them achieve fast and consistent browsing speeds over a period of time. Dedicated apps for both the desktop and mobile platforms add to the already exciting VPN services portfolio at VyprVPN. Maybe the high subscription cost of $9.99 per month can be a major dissuading factor for many, but the sheer number of services on offer along with reliable unlimited speed and bandwidth can indeed justify the price. Read our comprehensive VyprVPN review.


Express VPN

Express VPN has indeed a range of VPN services that is suitable for every VPN user. Although Express VPN doesn’t boast of any single extraordinary feature, the company is certainly an all-rounder that offers generally good VPN services for the discerning user. Starting at $8.32 per month, Express VPN cannot be considered as cheap, and there are a few minor drawbacks, but that is what defines this service provider. Good in most departments, Express VPN will get the job done. Coupled with unlimited bandwidth and great VPN browsing speeds, Express VPN certainly deserves a place in this list to be considered as the best VPN for 2013. Read our Express VPN review.



Giving a run for their money, IPVanish has shocked the competition over the past year. It was certainly a wake-up call for complacent VPN service providers who believed that their over-priced packages will sell to the user. But IPVanish came into the market with a bang and went on to offer top-notch VPN services for the cheapest monthly subscription there is (currently at $6.49 per month) for a full-feature VPN service provider. Good browsing speed and unlimited bandwidth, along with all the important features that are relevant to the VPN user, has made IPVanish a favorite among the VPN fraternity. IPVanish is certainly up there for the coveted best VPN award. Read our IPVanish review.

Best VPN

HideMyAss! Pro VPN

The longest serving frontline VPN Company in the list, HideMyAss! Pro VPN had to face some stiff competition the previous year. With so many new launches taking the VPN industry by storm, HideMyAss! had their work cut out for them. But instead of faltering by the sidelines, HMA! took it in their stride, and still has what it takes to become the best VPN service provider for many years running. Even being dethroned by IPVanish as the cheapest full-feature VPN service provider, HideMyAss! still offers VPN services for an attractive monthly subscription fee of $6.55, which isn’t far away from the cheapest price on the list. Read our Hidemyass review.


Pure VPN

Pure VPN has been around for a few years, and certainly knows what they are doing. They understand the fact that there are varied VPN users and the requirements vary with every individual user. Generally a reliable VPN service provider, Pure VPN offers the option of customizing a VPN service package or subscription according to the budget and requirements of the uses. In this regard, Pure VPN subscription starts at $6.25, but the higher end subscription packages are pretty expensive. However, due to the reliability and consistency of Pure VPN, it is safe to assume that inclusion of this company into the nominees list for best VPN will have some very excited voters. Read our Pure VPN review.

Time to cast your votes

We have done our part in creating a list of nominees for the Best VPN 2013. Now it is your turn to vote for what you consider to be the best VPN for 2013.

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As always, we are open to your suggestions and remarks, and if you feel that any deserving VPN company is left out of this nomination list, please send us an email or provide us with the details about the VPN service provider in the comments section below.