The ibVPN iPhone App is Here


The progression of the internet technology has persuaded online users to rely heavily on the internet for both leisure and business purposes. With this development, the internet has become the finest and most vital tool in this modern age.

Unfortunately, the internet has also become a hunting space for many spammers, hackers and other malignant criminals. With their sophisticated instruments and comprehensive knowledge in hacking, these people would use the internet to blackmail you or steal money from your bank account. For this reason, it has become highly imperative for every internet user to use a superior and innovative online protection tool like the ibVPN.

Internet surfing through mobile devices


Unlike before, people can now get access to the internet without using big and bulky desktop computers. In today’s world, you can now easily access the internet using mobile and portable electronic devices such as tablets, Smartphones including iPhones. As long as you have an internet subscription, these mobile devices can allow you to get internet access whenever and wherever you want.

The perils of mobile internet surfing

The advancements of mobile internet surfing has given online criminals and hackers with more ways and opportunities to steal vital information such as email address passwords, bank accounts and credit card numbers.

ibVPN – A superb iPhone application

If you are looking for a way to protect your online data and privacy while surfing the internet through your iphone, it is best that you get an ibVPN or Invisible Browsing VPN application. Basically, this application is mainly designed to help iPhone users protect their online data and information while surfing the internet. Like any regular VPN subscription, this iPhone application uses a wide array of protection schemes to prevent hackers from getting relevant information about you.

Server support

This iPhone application has more than fifty servers in fifteen different countries. Also, it has more than six hundred dynamic Ips. On top of that, this iPhone application supports video streaming without compromising your internet speed.

Protocols and encryption

The Invisible Browsing VPN iPhone application was originally designed to support L2TP and PPTP protocols. However, in order to provide superior services to their clients, the creators of this iPhone application have decided to add other features and security protocols.

Customer support

As opposed to other mobile VPN providers, Invisible Browning VPN has a live customer service support that operates at 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and in 365 a year. Whatever your queries and problems are with this iPhone application, their customer service representatives will resolve them for you.