How to Choose a VPN for Internet

How To Choose A VPN For Internet – Anonymous, Safe, Secure Web Browsing

“Internet On The Go” has become a must-have accessory for all web savvy users. We are willing to pay any sort of monthly subscription fee, as long as we receive the best connection with the maximum speed and bandwidth. So, why is it that ‘VPN for internet‘ is not mentioned in the same breath as ‘paying for internet’?

The problem these days is that most internet users believe that the ultimate form of protection for their PC is of course, the use of an anti-virus product. It is a true fact that good, efficient and up-to-date anti-virus or anti-malware programs will protect the computer or hand-held devices against all forms of active or passive viral attacks. It is also possible to an extent to protect private data and to prevent malicious software from gleaning sensitive financial data from the user.

However, no matter what sort of anti-virus or security product you may use for your device, you are still transmitting data over a network. We are talking about devices that connect to the internet over a network. The network can either be private or public. In either case, all the data transmitted is not as safe or secure as you might believe it to be.

Public Networks

Public networks are readily available in the form of Wi-Fi hotspots, and it is actually difficult these days to avoid the temptation and not to use a free Wi-Fi connection to access your email or your Facebook account. Public networks, as we all are aware, are breeding grounds for the most dangerous information phishing agents and cyber threats, who won’t be reluctant to utilize the stolen or retrieved user information for their own personal gains. Most free or paid public networks are riddled with malware and bots that are considered tough to beat, even by major anti-virus programs. Therefore, having an anti-virus program only helps in preventing attacks against your computer, and not against your network connection.

Private Networks

Then, we may feel, private networks can be the answer. Surely, there is more security involved in private networks, and it is not possible for a bot or a hacker to access your network that easily, albeit, it is not unachievable. Still, we can put our beliefs into the fact that the ISP will take care of the security factor, and we can do what we enjoy doing the most; browsing the internet.

But what guarantee do we have that the ISP won’t pry on our browsing behavior? By default, all ISPs are bound by the law to help the Federal Government or other regulatory agencies and share user oriented information to the relevant authorities when required. Thus, ISPs act as a legal information phishing agent, and complete internet freedom is not guaranteed. This will prove to be a major problem in countries where internet censorship is at large.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

VPN in itself is not an ISP or Internet Service Provider, but Virtual Private Networks can be considered as a Wide Area Network consisting of a group of server farms which allows a user to cloak their actual physical location by hiding behind virtual servers. VPN service providers are companies that install servers in different countries across the globe and provide access to their subscribers using installable desktop or mobile applications. Initially, VPN was used for intranet and local area file transfer as well as storage, but over the years, VPN has proved to be one of the cheapest and the most efficient as well as the safest ways of transmitting information over unsecure lines.

Quite simply, a VPN user will first log into a VPN terminal and connects to a server of their choice. As far as the ISP, public or private network is concerned; this is the end of the line for the user in terms of their browsing history. Once the user connects to the VPN server, they are free to go anywhere using secure and encrypted tunnels, which remain hidden to any prying eyes. No matter what action the user performs after connecting to the VPN, the browsing history and log will be inaccessible, unless there is a logging policy enforced by the VPN Company. But in most cases, all the traffic data will be encrypted, and along with the encryption levels offered by websites, all user information will be safe and secure.

Choosing VPN For Internet

VPN subscription costs money, and similar to an internet connection from a well-known ISP, care must be taken before spending your hard-earned money on a VPN subscription. Here are a few considerations that you must have in mind before signing up:

Number Of VPN Servers

The number of VPN servers can relate to the actual number of available servers and the location of these servers. Traditionally, a VPN company with servers in major parts of the world is considered to be a good VPN service provider, as a large number of servers indicate the dedication of the company to provide good quality VPN services. A large number of servers will also guarantee fast and reliable VPN connection, and in other instances, server locations such as the U.S, U.K and the Netherlands can help users access U.S based content, U.K based content and torrent downloads, respectively.

Safety, Security, Reliability & Speed

A VPN connection is only as good as the level of safety it provides; else, it defeats the purpose of using a VPN in the first place. Carefully analyze the security protocols on offer and the bitrate of encryption on offer. A good VPN service provider should also offer good amount of bandwidth and speed to compliment the level of security, so that the subscriber can utilize a VPN without hassles.

Cost Of Subscription

Another important criterion for choosing a good VPN for internet is of course the price factor. It doesn’t make sense to spend a lot of money on VPN, especially if the internet connection costs less than the VPN connection. Also take note whether the VPN company offers any money-back guarantee, as this is a surefire way of knowing whether the company is dedicated to providing value-for-money services to their clients.

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