Internet Freedom is Respectfully Celebrated on Internet Freedom Day

All of us need freedom. Freedom to speak, freedom to choose, freedom to say no, and so on. But when it comes to internet freedom, that’s a different story. Internet freedom today is a big issue.

This is because there are so many censorships going on with the internet and users can’t do anything about it.

There are countries that actually restrict access to certain websites such as social medias, gambling sites and many more. There is however a solution for internet censorship, and that is Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Other form of internet censorship is present in work places and schools. These business establishments prohibit its employees to access certain websites such as Facebook and YouTube. Even some FREE WIFI hotspots block certain websites.

A VPN technology will allow you to enjoy the many benefits of the Internet. When you use a VPN network, you can be assure that it will eliminate Internet Censorship, meaning you can access all the websites you want.

Not only will VPN allow you to access even blocked websites, but it will also keep you safe while surfing the net. VPN will also be able to detect malicious software and other online threats.

With a VPN service, you can watch all your favorite TV shows, movies and access social medias. Having a VPN will also allow you to be invisible online, you will never be monitored or spied on by unauthorized parties such as your ISP, the government and hackers.

There is however one issue we need to be clarified with when it comes to VPN. Not all VPN providers allow P2P file sharing. I repeat, NOT ALL VPN PROVIDERS ALLOW P2P SHARING. Some VPN providers, like CactusVPN allow it, while other VPN providers ban file sharing and even torrent downloads.

This is because there is a high possibility that this kind of file sharing will violate copyrights. Make sure to check the VPN providers Terms of Service (TOS) before signing up.

Downloading movies or music online in itself is actually not illegal, there’s plenty of legal movies and music available for download perfectly legally. However, copyrighted material and pirated software is never legal to download, with or without a VPN connection. So don’t do anything stupid.

Usually, torrents are used to share pirated movies or music. That is why VPN companies are very sensitive when it comes to this issue.

They want to make sure they are giving the best services without going against the law. There are VPN hosts that allow such downloading as well.

Enough with all the internet censorships already. Make a stand, say no to internet censorship and yes to internet freedom. Get your own VPN and use the internet to the max, starting today!