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Which VPN is the fastest? Our editors at VPN Creative have tested 190+ VPN providers to single out the fastest VPN available on the market today.

We can talk about security and encryption all day long, but when it comes to what makes an excellent choice of VPN, it is difficult to overlook one key component: speed. The web is getting faster, and the ISPs are willing to provide faster browsing speeds. But connecting through a VPN inevitable mean a loss of speed due to traffic rerouting and encryption. So the faster VPN, the smaller bottleneck on your Internet connection.

What Makes a Virtual Private Network (VPN) Fast

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) can be simply explained as an encrypted server through which you reroute your Internet traffic.

The process of encryption, decryption and transmission requires CPU power both on the VPN server and your computer. The amount of CPU resources and encryption level are two factors which determines connection speed. VPN companies offer a variety of encryption protocols like PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN. The amount of encryption also has an effect on speed. For instance is a 160 bit OpenVPN encryption faster than a 256 bit OpenVPN.

Another important factor is the physical distance between your computer and the VPN server you connect to. So, depending on what you are using a VPN, you may want to choose a different server. If you are using VPN solely for protection, you should choose a VPN close to you. However, if you need a VPN to circumvent geo-restrictions, like unblocking Netflix, you want to connect to a VPN server located in the country you want to pretend to access from (typically United States)

Fastest VPN

A simple VPN speed test: With and without VPN. On this setup, there’s a ~20% decrease in download speed with VPN turned on

We have seen some large names in the VPN industry fail spectacularly when it comes to outright browsing speed. And clearly enough, they have faded away from the frontlines, paving way for new VPN companies, some of which have succeeded, while others have fallen by the wayside. To be able to choose your own fastest VPN, we have nominated a list of 5 VPN service providers that we feel have respectable browsing speed to be able to win the title of “Fastest VPN”. All of our nominees have unlimited speed and bandwidth.

Fastest VPN: The Nominees



During our speed runs, VyprVPN was indeed the most consistent and the fastest VPN over a period of time. In fact, we have yet to find another VPN service provider that could offer the kind of consistency in speed that was offered by VyprVPN. The speed of browsing is helped by the fact that VyprVPN adopts a unique server strategy, which follows installing 9 server clusters that contains hundreds of servers in each cluster.

This enables VyprVPN to reroute traffic according to server load without any drop in connection. The subscription at VyprVPN starts at $9.99, making it an expensive proposition, but well worth it considering the speed on offer. There are dedicated software and apps for both the mobile as well as the desktop platforms. For more info, read our comprehensive VyprVPN review.



Even though this company is barely a year old, IPVanish has become a formidable competition for the well-established names in the VPN industry. Home to 90 servers situated in 41 countries, IPVanish offers an acceptable number of 3500 IPs to choose from.

If there is one thing that we loved about IPVanish, it is the speed of internet browsing through a VPN connection. IPVanish subscription starts at $6.49, which makes it the cheapest in the list. For more info, read our comprehensive IPVanish review.

Best VPN

HideMyAss! Pro VPN

HideMyAss! Pro VPN is our favorite, and is one of the best VPN service providers. Offering unlimited speed, bandwidth, various VPN protocols, over 340 servers in 53 countries, 450,000+ IPs and a monthly subscription fee of $6.55 is quite enough for the company to become the most preferred choice of VPN.

On top of this, HideMyAss! is compatible with most operating systems, both desktop and mobile. We had pretty good experience using their service, which justifies its entry into the nominee list for the Fastest VPN for 2013. For more info, read our comprehensive HideMyAss review.


Express VPN

Express VPN is actually a discreet workhorse. It gets the job done with a minimal fuss. You get access to over a 100 servers in 23 different countries through the entire range of popular VPN protocols. Express VPN is dedicated to its customers, and it is evident from the fact that they expand their servers on a regular basis to meet the requirements set forward by their subscribers.

Starting at $8.32 per month, it is neither the cheapest, nor the most expensive on the list, but the speed is definitely among the top contenders. For more info, read our comprehensive Express VPN review.



CactusVPN is another new service provider launched in 2012, and is certainly doing a good job to hold on to a nomination in this category. CactusVPN was the only service provider in the list to actually offer some serious speed sporadically. Consistency of speed is not their forte; therefore, we experienced bursts of explosive speed, followed by periods of average speed.

Overall, the speeds at CactusVPN are excellent for an average VPN service provider. The subscription cost starts at $4.99, but we cannot consider this the cheapest VPN on the list, because, there is an even more expensive package on offer that offers access to the entire range of services. But for the price of $4.99 and access to a single server gives no reason to complain. For more info, read our CactusVPN review.

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