About VPN: Everything You Need to Know

Not all of us are highly skilled and knowledgeable when it comes to computers. One specific technology that everyone who uses the internet should know is the VPN. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. This is an application that allows anonymous and secure internet surfing. This technology makes use of an encryption system responsible for protecting all incoming and outgoing data from our computers. The question is, why do we need a VPN technology? This article serves to give you the fundamental information about VPN.

About VPN & Cyber Threats

The primary reason why an individual should get a VPN technology is to avoid or reduce the risk of getting victimized online. As the technology advances, so does the tools cyber criminals use. Threats such as hacking, stealing and invasion of privacy are just some of the many problems or risks rampant on the internet these days. If you are fond of shopping online, chatting with friends or just paying bills online, then you must take all the necessary security measures so as not to become a victim of online crimes.

With a VPN technology, you will be assured that all your internet activities and transactions are all secured and kept as private as possible. A VPN technology works by hiding your IP address; which is a factor to detect your location or identity. What a VPN does is it hides your real IP address and cloaks it with a different one, something that is irrelevant in any way to your real IP. In this way, hackers or even your ISP or the government won’t be able to track or monitor you. There is no way they can monitor your activities with a VPN service.

About VPN & Censorship

Online censorship is also a main concern these days. There are some countries that do not allow access to certain websites. There are also information not available to citizens. This is in a way deprivation of Internet Freedom. Even social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter are not safe anymore.

About VPN & Blocked Websites

For users who are residing outside of US, they will not be able to access some websites that features free TV or movie streaming. This is one reason why users get VPN services. This is to be able to access and watch their favorite shows without restrictions. You will not only surf anonymously, you will also be able to enjoy all your favorite shows online.

Choosing a VPN Provider

Now that we know why VPN is very essential these days, it is time to identify the main factors in considering a VPN provider. Just like purchasing items at the malls, you need to inspect and make sure that what you are buying is of high quality or meets all your expectations. Same goes with choosing a VPN provider. One must not only consider one popular VPN host, he or she should also compare VPN providers from one another. In this way, you will be able to identify the VPN provider that suits all your internet needs.

When comparing VPN providers, always check the “terms of services” or pricing and warranty information. Take note that not all VPN companies allow P2P file sharing or torrent downloading; not all VPN providers support all protocols; not all VPN hosts offer unlimited bandwidth allocations; and not all VPN companies have money-back guarantee policies. These are the information that you need to know before you actually sign any VPN deal.

VPN Services & VPN Features

Another factor to consider about VPN is the technical details. Learn about the number of servers, what servers are best for your location, what are the restrictions, what are the supported devices, customer support system, speed details, etc.. Be sure to scrutinize these factors because the usability and reliability of the services would depend on these things. If a company does not provide enough information or details about their VPN services, then expect to get low-quality service. A company that discloses its pros and cons on the other hand may be a better service since it does not keep secrets from its users. Honestly is a good sign that a VPN company is dependable.

Now that you know the basics about VPN, you can compare VPN providers, and learn what fits your needs and budget. A VPN technology is a good investment.