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DNS Netflix vs VPN Netflix: Learn the Pros & Cons

By Lee Racho | 02 February 2013 at 4:32 am CET | No Comments

Netflix DNS

Unblocking of websites may be resolved by VPN. However another option is using DNS solution. What are the pros and cons of using this option to access Netflix, Hulu and other restricted video streaming sites?

A DNS or domain name system works like a telephone directory. It keeps information of websites (hostname addresses) in the form of alphanumeric. These addresses will be translated to codes which can be updated and distributed to allow changes in the service location during an access without affecting the rest of the connection.

Using DNS Netflix vs VPN

As mentioned, DNS can provide a solution to unblocking sites like Netflix to obtain access. It works for other video streaming sites as well. DNS does not make any major changes but only interferes with the traffic related to the site to be accessed. This works well with devices supported by DNS companies. Just like VPN, clients can choose the right packages to enjoy the services offered.

But unlike VPN or the virtual private network, DNS Netflix does not offer any security measures whilst connected to the public network. Internet users who are looking for online security, one of the major concerns today, will have to contract VPN services. DNS Netflix does not provide their clients with full data encryption which is badly needed to prevent any unauthorized parties from intercepting sensitive information. Plus VPN has platforms for other major devices apart from PC.

Netflix DNS

VPN providers like Hidemyass! Pro VPN is the best solution for unblocking video streaming sites by assigning a US based IP address to the client (you). This will give the impression of accessing the site from within the US borders while you are in fact somewhere completely different.

Numerous servers are situated in different regions worldwide in order to assist this procedure while providing the best connectivity speed and best streaming quality. Unlike DNS, VPN makes a major change by creating another IP address to mask the user’s own. This is actually a part of the whole online identity protection being offered by VPN. Most users who wish to keep their privacy would make such request to obtain anonymity online.

Watching US Netflix With DNS

If your interest is only to access Netflix and other streaming sites when you are outside of US then using DNS solution will work just fine. VPN, on the other hand, will not only connect you to Netflix. It also provides the ultimate online security while having some internet downtime.

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Lee Racho

Lee is a technology reporter and internet security consultant at VPN Creative. He writes about trends in technology that affect our daily lives.

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