How to Use Smartphone VPN For Online Security & Privacy

smartphone vpn

These days, it’s pretty hard not to have a smart phone. We can shop, browse the web, watch movies, access entertainment websites, work, and do more on our smartphones these days. Smartphones are more easily accessible now due to the variety of models in existence and the pricing vis-à-vis a few years ago. Therefore, it is only viable for everybody to use their existing smartphone or tablet for multiple purposes. This is where you need to invest in something called a smartphone VPN.

Why, you may ask, would you require the services of a smartphone VPN, if you can easily invest the same amount of money in some anti-virus program? The answer is simple, anti-virus programs are entirely different from smartphone VPN. An antivirus program helps in eradicating threats against the device in the form of viruses, while VPN helps in eradicating instances of intrusion into privacy and secrecy from hackers, Government agencies and information phishing agents.

VPN for Smartphones Offers Anonymous, Private & Secure Internet Access

In our opinion, it is important for smartphones and tablets to have both an anti-virus and a smartphone VPN subscription. Granted that it will take a bit of investment to subscribe for both programs, but ultimately, security and peace of mind is guaranteed. It is always important to understand that information theft is at large, and increased usage of online payment gateways has led to billions of dollars in loss due to information as well as identity theft. If you are still confused, here is a detailed analysis into the advantages and importance of using a smartphone VPN for various purposes.

Private Online Searches & Emails

We do a lot of searches and check emails regularly through our smartphone. All of these information transfers are being logged by your ISP as well as your Government or Federal Agency. If you are browsing through a public network, chances are that prying eyes will be gleaning your private and sensitive information through malicious software and other malware programs. Ultimately, all forms of internet browsing information will be revealed to a third party irrespective of your security or computer firewall settings.

Using a smartphone VPN, on the other hand, will help you encrypt all of your browsing data so that a third party will only be able to view an encrypted version of your traffic data. In terms of the security level of emails and other messages, only the end recipient of your message will be able to view the decrypted version of your files without any interference or hindrance from anybody.

Secured Online Shopping via Mobile Devices

The dilemma with using credit cards for online shopping is that you only have to provide your card details at the final checkout. Anybody with access to your Credit Card number, your CCV and your PIN will be able to make purchases and payments without actually possessing the card physically. The same rule applies to online banking transactions as well.

Yes, the financial website or checkout will have multiple levels of encryption and protocols to ensure that no one steals sensitive information from their website. However, the origin of the information always happens from the user’s end, which is where identity and information thefts are mostly prevalent. There are malicious programs available to store and retrieve keystrokes, which makes it easier for hackers and agents to categorize and store these sensitive financial information for personal gain.

Safely shop at any online store by securing your network with VPN. A VPN for mobile will eliminate this risk by encrypting all data firsthand, before transmitting it through the network channel. The choice of encryption is always left to the user, and there are VPN companies that offer multiple levels of encryption and security to hinder data theft from unsuspecting users.

Bypass Internet Censorship with VPN

Internet censorship is a huge issue. Most oppressive Governments block access to various websites in the name of improving security, but the main aim of these Federal agencies is to curb internet freedom. Quite simply, ISPs will be provided with strict instructions on blocking various websites that will deem to be a threat to the ideals and values of the ruling Government.

VPN uses the same encryption and tunneling techniques to bypass internet censorship by rerouting the traffic through virtual tunnels and servers in different countries, thereby providing a false illusion to the censorship authorities that the users are indeed visiting servers or websites that are not on the blocked list. This technology will immensely help those individuals who are looking to get the word out, or simply enjoy complete internet freedom as it is supposed to be.

VPN Provide Anonymity & Privacy For Mobile Browsing

Even if full freedom is granted to internet users, there is no guarantee of privacy or anonymity. ISPs and some websites will still track browsing behavior, which will certainly be an issue for those who value privacy and online anonymity. Utilizing the services of a smartphone VPN service provider is the best bet in these cases. VPN companies will allow different options for changing IP addresses, server countries and security protocols to ensure full online anonymity.

Direct and Unrestricted Access to Geo-Targeted Websites

Full version of the Netflix is available only for US, so does Hulu Plus. BBC iPlayer is only accessible to the residents of U.K. Similarly, lots of entertainment and other media websites (including news and other related stories) are available only to a specific region, and immaterial of the nationality or subscription level of the user, the content will be blocked if the website determines the user to be situated on foreign soil.

Smartphone VPN options will allow a user to change their IP address to virtually reside in a country of their choice. Hence, for accessing Hulu or Netflix outside the US, the users can choose a server in the US, while the BBC iPlayer can be accessed outside the UK by choosing a server in the UK.

Secure Mobile Activities at Workplace

If you need a VPN to secure your network at home, the more that you need a VPN for work. It is not uncommon for utilizing one’s own smart phone or tablet for company purposes. Initially, companies and similar organizations frowned upon their employees who used their phones during work hours unless it was for their corporate or company use. However, they have now realized the potential of including smartphones along with the curriculum.

Providing smartphones and their respective communication subscriptions for their employees proved to be a major expenses and HR nightmare for companies. This is why most companies now allow their employees to use their own devices for company matters. This has erased the boundary between work life and personal life, as nowadays, the personal smartphone will incorporate both aspects of it.

While this may be a boon for employees, privacy and anonymity will take a hit. Due to the extent of network sharing, it became increasingly easy for other employees to access private information and data of a single employee through public networks. It may also be within company rules to install tracking software and apps to track your whereabouts, which might unknowingly lead to other malicious software being installed as part of office pranks.

To prevent such misuse and to prevent unauthorized access, installing an anti-virus program and investing in a good quality smartphone VPN will help you draw a strict line between your work and personal life. Data encryption will always help you keep personal files confidential; all the while helping you upload only those files to your company server that are relevant to your professional capacity.