ATM Machines Robbed by New USB Virus

At least there are still some hackers out there willing to get their hands dirty like the old days. Thousands of dollars have gone missing from a number of ATMs across Europe in the past few weeks, and two anonymous security researchers may have finally figured out why. According to their report, dozens of targeted ATMS Read More

Telecoms Miss Obvious Patch Against NSA

Even if we wanted to stop them, it seems our phone company might be too incompetent to back the effort up. While working on a project called the “GSM Security Map“, head researcher at Berlin’s Security Research Labs Karsten Nohl noticed the A5/1-based encryption method wasn’t being properly utilized by popular telecoms  on their cell Read More

Hacker Attempts to Sell Access to BBC Servers

Nobody expects the Russian Inquisition. Last week, the BBC lost communication with one of their major FTP servers as it was taken over by a prolific Russian hacker who flies through fibre-optics under the moniker of “HASH”. Shortly after gaining access, HASH started posting the spoils of his efforts on an underground marketplace that traffics Read More

Senator Calls on Car Makers for Security Concerns

In an unprecedented move, this week US Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts sent an open letter to 20 car manufacturers requesting they take a second look at the way they handle the threat of hackers and over-the-air attacks. Markey believes that automakers such as Ford, Honda, BMW, Audi, Chrysler, Mazda, and Subaru (among a laundry Read More

Stanford Researcher Finds Visible Link in Records

Back in early December, the NSA opened its doors to long-time journalist powerhouse 60 Minutes, only to show them the barely scratched surface of what they’ve been up to behind the veil for nearly 55 years. By now the entire piece has been laughed off the stage as nothing more than a puff piece produced by an old Read More

UN Claims Privacy is “Basic Human Right”

In another victory for privacy advocates everywhere, today the chief of the UN’s council on human rights Navi Pillay told the press she believes that privacy, both on the internet and the real world, should be viewed by the international community as a “basic human right.” It took the cooperation of dozens of nations from Read More

NSA Has Backdoors Built Into Major Manufacturer’s Networking Equipment

Today, De Spiegel announced they had received a set of documents which implicate the NSA and their TAO (Tailored Access Operations) subsidiary in a worldwide hacking scandal the likes of which have only been seen about a dozen times already since last June. According to the 50-page report, the rogue government agency has been planting Read More

Dogecoin Heist Another Blow to Digital Currency Movement

When you initally read about “Dogecoin”, on the surface it all sounds like one big joke. First made popular on the news aggregation website Reddit, users would rely on Dogecoin (a term that refers to the popular “Doge” meme) to tip one another for particularly witty or funny comments on any given link or picture. Read More

PINs Stolen in Target Credit Card Heist

Turns out Target lied, big surprise… Earlier this week we reported on one of the biggest credit card scams ever undertaken by hackers in the history of modern commerce, and it looks like the damage is far worse than any of us could have imagined. According to an anonymous tip from a senior payments executive at Read More

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