SpotFlux VPN Review

We all need security especially if we are browsing the internet. Whenever we are online, we are exposing our personal and sensitive information to the cyber world. If these information are accessed by hackers, we might be in big trouble. The good thing is that we can protect our internet activities with a VPN Technology.

There are essentially two kinds of VPN services; a premium and a free option. Many (but not all) premium VPN providers offer free versions alongside their paid service. Sometime the free version is a scaled-down, advertise supported version of the full experience, sometimes it’s a trial account, that only works for a limited amount of time.

We strongly recommend signing up with a premium VPN (Check out for Paid VPN services), but if you want a completely free VPN service, one option is SpotFlux VPN. Here’s a short review on SpotFlux VPN.

SpotFlux VPN

SpotFlux VPN Setup and Installation Requirements

Spotflux VPN is a relatively new VPN service provider. It’s being a new VPN player in the market is also the main reason why it is free-of-charge. Again, because it’s still a new VPN provider, it doesn’t support all major platforms.

Spotflux VPN is only available for Windows and Mac at the moment. Although the company promises that other platforms like Android and iOS are already under development. It supports PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN and IPSec.

Installing the client app is quite easy. No need to set some settings, simply download the software and install it on your computer.

Server and Speed Performance

Spotflux VPN was only launched in March 2012. It doesn’t really provide much information about its servers. The company is based in New York so it is safe to assume that most of its servers are located in the United States.

As for speed connections, users would experience a slight slowdown and lags. However, the slowdowns wouldn’t be that much annoying. It’s only a free service so expect some limitations.

Conclusion: Will SpotFlux VPN make it big?

The company definitely seems very promising. If it continues to improve its services, it would eventually become a top-notch VPN service provider. However, until that day comes, we might as well enjoy it being free before it begins charging for its services.

Overall, Spotflux VPN is a good VPN for a FREE VPN service. It offers stable connections and it doesn’t have ads popping up on your screen just like other free VPN services out there. Compared to the price, Spotflux VPN offers satisfactory services and it seems that it’s heading to the right path to becoming huge someday.