Expat Shield VPN Review

If you are looking for a tool that could bypass online restrictions, then a VPN technology is absolutely what you need. However, getting a VPN secured network comes with a price.

You’ll need to subscribe to a VPN services for you to be able to access secured and anonymous browsing experiences. Although there are free VPNs out there that offers VPN services with limitation. One free VPN services is Expat Shield VPN. Continue reading and learn more about ExpatShield’s services offerings.

Expat Shield VPN Client App and Setup Requirements

Expat Shield VPN offer entirely free VPN services. However, the client app is only available on specific platforms. It is very disappointing that Expat Shield VPN only supports Windows systems; 7, Vista and XP. Users who are using different operating systems may just consider other VPN services that are free of charge.

Expat Shield VPN

The OpenVPN-based client does the job well. Once running, it will allow users to surf the web anonymously. Those who want to hide their IP addresses when browsing the internet should get Expat Shield VPN.

Speed and Server Performances

This free-for-life VPN service offers secure and fast connections. Connecting to the servers is also as easy as pie. Simply run the app and you’re good to go. No need to tweak or change settings. The client app will automatically connect to the server that is closest to your location.

As for the servers, the company doesn’t really disclose the exact amount of servers they have. However, the company states that it offers high-quality servers that are located in the United States. Various speed tests were done and it showed that Expat Shield VPN has reliable and fast speed connections.

The free version of Expat Shield VPN is ad-supported. So whenever you are using the client app, you would come across various ads showing up on your screen. The free version also restricts access to certain websites. If you want to experience Expat Shield VPN to the fullest, you can opt to get an EliteAcess.

Conclusion: Is ExpatShield a Reliable VPN Provider?

Probably the best advantage that users can get from Expat Shield VPN is the fact that it is free. Users don’t have to pay anything in order for them to access Expat Shield VPN. However, free versions always have a “catch”. In this case, Expat Shield VPN is ad-supported. For some this is not a big deal, but there are those who would get annoyed with the ads.

In conclusion, if you need a free VPN service, go for Expat Shield VPN. You can have anonymous browsing experiences without paying a dime. However, if you want to full VPN access without advertisements and limitations, you are better off with a premium or paid version. Check out various VPN service providers.