A Whole String of Updates for IPVanish this Month

IPVanish had promised a lot of upgrades on their service packages and the addition of new servers for the benefit of their clients. Last month, IPVanish had launched new servers in France, India, Spain and Miami, and this month, they have added Germany to the list.

The new server has been installed in Frankfurt, Germany, and is available to clients, free of cost, from their VPN terminal. A few days ago, IPVanish had upgraded their terminal with Windows 8 support and to fix bugs that were slightly inconvenient for users who have installed IPVanish on older operating systems. While the new terminal was a boon for Windows 8 users, OpenVPN is no longer an option due to problems faced by IPVanish programmers while running OpenVPN protocol on Windows 8. However, we expect OpenVPN to be provided soon enough and in the meanwhile, Windows 8 users can utilize L2TP and PPTP protocols.

Only upgrade to the new version of the IPVanish software if prompted. Unnecessary updates and installation might be fruitless, especially if you are running your existing application without any visible troubles.

To know more about IPVanish or to sign up for a new VPN account, visit IPVanish.com. You can also read our IPVanish review page for extensive insights about the company and their VPN service.