Netflix International Expansion into Denmark, Finland, Norway & Sweden

Netflix International Expansion

It’s official! Netflix international expansion into Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden is coming by the end of the year. Netflix has been constantly expanding their service network in a range of countries including Canada, countries in Latin America, Ireland and the U.K. Now it is their opportunity to offer Netflix access for Scandinavian citizens.

According to their official press release, Netflix has promised that Nordic residents will be able to watch a wide variety of TV shows, movies and have access to a range of music and other media. It is also promised that Netflix will offer HD streaming capabilities with Dolby Digital Plus surround sound for select media files.

While Netflix hasn’t been very forthcoming about the extent of the movie database, the media library access or the cost of subscription, they have mentioned that the subscription cost should be low enough to attract the maximum number of subscribers.

Under normal circumstances, watching Netflix online can be achieved through multiple devices and platforms such as set top boxes, Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, Smart TVs and your usual desktop or laptop computer. This should prove to be a major hit among the Scandinavian folks.

And once Netflix launches in these countries, it should be a major blow for a prime competitor in the form of Amazon, who has been enjoying monopoly through their Lovefilm service that offers DVD by post and online streaming. Lovefilm is currently only on offer for the people of the U.K, Denmark, Norway and Sweden, with over 2 million subscribers to date.

This move was expected from Netflix, seeing that their quarterly profits increased, and it has become somewhat of a custom at Netflix to increase their services exposure to different countries once they attain a sizeable profit for a single quarter. Once Netflix succeeds in the European markets, we can expect a move to Asia, which will further boost the overall number of subscribers to the Netflix service.

All said and done, we are not entirely sure about the extent of movies and TV shows that will be on offer for Scandinavian viewers. Even subscribers from the U.K are finding it hard to access the entire library, therefore, expect the overall access to be limited.

Hence, immaterial of the fact of an expansion into the region, or the news of Netflix going local for most countries, you will still need a U.S based Netflix account for accessing the entire range of media files from the database.

To get a U.S based Netflix account, you will have to sign up to Netflix using a server and IP based out of the U.S. If you currently reside outside the U.S, or even if you are a citizen of the above mentioned Scandinavian regions, you will be required to make use of a VPN service that will help you browse from a server based in the U.S.

A VPN service will allow you to hide your original IP and allocates a virtual address in a country of your choice. Therefore, to open up an account at Netflix U.S, all you have to do is sign up to a VPN service provider, install their platform and choose a server within the U.S.

Be careful, however, not to use the same credit card for multiple accounts, as this will certainly lead to your main U.S account getting deleted.

Before considering signing up for a new Netflix account when it comes to your region during the end of the year, you should seriously consider signing up for a U.S account, if you want unlimited and full access to the Netflix media database.