Watching BBC Olympics Complete Coverage Instead Of NBC

BBC Olympics

When it comes to live broadcasting, the world’s largest broadcasting corporation, BBC, is king. Not a single other channel comes close to the broadcasting and commentating prowess as displayed by the BBC network. Even NBC does not compare, and if recent reports and reviews by the viewing audience are anything to go by, both the coverage as well as the commentating is a cause for concern.

BBC Olympics Comprehensive Coverage

And don’t forget the endless commercials on NBC. The Olympics broadcast is just a showcase for NBC to make hefty profits through advertising. That is alright in terms of revenue, but should you compromise on quality and listen to a person who has absolutely no idea what he is talking about?

But finding a good quality alternative is not possible, unless you reside in the UK. BBC streams all the events live on their website, and is free of commercials or ads. Even the commentators are well-versed and it is a joy to listen to them. This is of course, free of charge, and UK residents don’t need to pay any fee for watching Olympics on BBC websites.

But don’t rejoice as yet. If you reside outside the UK, you can’t simply access the BBC channel that displays Olympics events live. Instead, you will just receive an error message that says “Not available in your country”.

The reasoning behind this is simple. BBC is a non-profit organization, and without advertising or commercialization, BBC cannot offer these streaming services to the entire world. This would simply consume a lot of resources and will ultimately cause monetary loss for BBC.

However, there are ways of accessing BBC live broadcasts indirectly. BBC checks the origins of the traffic and analyzes the server and IP address of the visitor to determine the country of origin. If you are using your own ISP, the BBC server will automatically detect your actual physical location and blocks you from viewing their live streams if you happen to reside outside the UK. This is where a VPN service provider can help you gain access to the BBC video vault indirectly.

Watch the BBC Olympics Coverage With a VPN Access

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a service that offers internet traffic rerouting services to regular internet users. For instance, if you choose HideMyAss! Pro VPN, one of the leaders in the VPN industry, they will provide you with access to over 75 different server locations.

Out of these locations, you can choose UK as your server location, which will automatically instruct your VPN dialer or application to reroute your traffic through a server and IP address within the UK. Therefore, when you visit the BBC website, your virtual IP and server will display the origin as UK, and you can watch BBC live streams from the Olympics without any hindrance.

VPN services are usually used to unblock censored content, surf the web anonymously and encrypt data connections for large companies with employees working abroad. Therefore, accessing streaming websites such as the live Olympics streaming feeds from the BBC website is just an added advantage.

A monthly VPN subscription will only cost around $10, but taking into account the various promotional offers as advertised by various VPN companies, you can book bulk packages for as little as $6.55. HideMyAss! currently offers a Summer Sports Special discount deal that can get you unlimited VPN access for as little as $4.99. The offer ends when the Olympics 2012 ends mid-August.

Most people are actually worried about the legality of using a VPN service for watching Olympics through alternative channels, especially through BBC websites. It is actually worth a mention that using a VPN is not illegal in any country, even if the VPN services may be blocked by certain nations.

The main task of a VPN is to offer a base for users to get connected to the internet through a different platform. VPN services are just means for allowing people to shift their connection to a virtual server that may be present at any actual physical location in the world.

When quizzed about the potential VPN users clogging the BBC servers, BBC Olympics spokesman, Ian Walker, has specifically claimed that all traffic will be screened for geographical locations. This means that traffic from outside the UK will be blocked from viewing BBC’s online content. However, BBC hasn’t come out with any specific comment regarding the use of Virtual Private Networks for accessing their live streaming videos.

Chances are that BBC wouldn’t be too worried about the number of VPN users, since, signing up for a VPN service will require upfront payment. This ensures that only a small fraction of the internet viewers will shell out money for accessing VPN services, and in the overall picture, this cannot put any serious dent into the BBC’s server load. Also, taking any action against the public will lead to the invention of other bypassing techniques, which will cause further worries for BBC.

If the number of VPN users increases and causes a significant impact to BBC, they might consider blacklisting the VPN Company responsible for such an incident, and might take up legal proceedings, but VPN companies are also smart enough to realize that splitting up traffic between different servers will help them fly under the radar.

If you are really worried about the quality of NBC Olympics coverage, why not try out a VPN service and see if it really works for you? And not only the Olympics coverage, but BBC do have some marvelous programs in their video vault, especially the iPlayer, which can only be accessed by using a server in the UK.

Try using a VPN service and you will not be disappointed by the flexibility, range and web browsing security that you can achieve. Watch the Olympics 2012 on BBC Sport and get the most complete digital coverage of a Olympics games. And if you’re happy with their streaming services, you may also use it once again when the Winter Olympics hits on 2014 or any other Olympics event in the near future.