Amazing Summer Offer From HideMyAss! – Summer Sports Special

Just 6 more days left to soak up the summer action with discounted rates from HideMyAss! While HideMyAss! is certainly one of the best VPN service providers in the industry that offers truly awesome VPN services for competitive pricing, they have still taken the effort to introduce mouth-watering discounts for this sports season. This means that the discounted rates can only be an added incentive for all those who are seriously considering signing up for top-notch VPN services at dirt-cheap rates. If there is any time for joining the VPN bandwagon, now is the time to sign up to a high quality VPN service provider.

HideMyAss! Discount Rates

As you can see, you can get a month’s worth of VPN subscription for less than $10 ($9.99 to be precise), which is way below the existing industry pricing standards. However, the real crown jewel of the pricing is the 1 year package, which will help you save a whopping 24% off the initial bulk rate, thereby providing you VPN access for just $4.99 a month. Unfortunately, you have to sign up within 6 days to avail this offer, and after this period, it will be a missed opportunity.

Unless you already have access to dedicated channels such as the BBC, you will need to use a UK based server to watch the Olympics from a different country. The games are heating up at the Olympics, and there are numerous sports and games happening across the globe. With a VPN you can connect to a server in United Kingdom and then get complete access to BBC’s broadcast of the Olympics through their website. Of course, you aren’t restricted to Olympics or other sports channels; you can also utilize this offer to unblock censored content and watch a wide variety of country and geographic specific channels, including Netflix.

This offer stands only for the HideMyAss! Pro VPN subscription pack, which provides you unlimited VPN access from servers scattered across 50 different countries. If you are looking for Olympics coverage, you get access to 26 servers from HideMyAss! that are located in the UK and out of them, at least 6 of these servers are situated in London.

Don’t hesitate, and try to secure your subscription at the earliest. If you would like to obtain more information and details on HideMyAss! as a VPN subscriber, you can read all about the company on our extensive HideMyAss! review page.