Internet Censorship in Germany

Internet Censorship in Germany

First of all, internet censorship in Germany is not as restrictive in countries such as China and Iran. It may seem that there is no need for a VPN service in Germany, since there are not much censorships going on. Although, Germany has had some heavy precedents including a court decision to censor invasion of privacy contents, publication laws and some movie issues regarding “youth protection”.

There are many companies and ISPs that actually remove offensive contents or even restrict access to some sites. For example, anything that has a Nazi-related content is illegal in the country. Even provocation of hatred against a group of person or an individual is not tolerable in Germany.

The fact that Germany has a certain government department (Federal Department for Media Harmful to Young Persons) that focuses on the protection of the young people, having a VPN seems irrelevant. But the need for VPN services in Germany can increase if the government makes the move to broaden the scoop of Internet Censorship. There are some talks regarding the blocking of certain internet contents such as child pornography.

This implication of a broader internet censorship is creating frenzy among hackers, activists, bloggers and social media users. It even escalated to a point where an e-petition that was directed to the German parliament, coming up with 50,000 signatures. In just six week, the movement had already accumulated 130,000 followers.

Activists have voiced out their concerns to the total censorship issue, stating that there are other means to eliminate child pornography without the need for additional censorships that can affect freedom of speech and freedom to surf the internet in Germany. Other protesters thinks that child pornography censorships can escalate to other forms of censorships such as gambling sites, Islamist sites, music downloads, social media sites and other forms of adult related sites.

Although, censorship issues in Germany are still to be passed into law. VPN users in Germany are quite increasing. Not only can VPN allow access to restricted websites, it can also offer secure and anonymous internet surfing. That is the main reason why users have subscribed to VPN services. Having a VPN in Germany is definitely ideal to enjoy the internet to the fullest.

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