How to Make Internet in Iran Secure for Web Browsing

Iran is considered to be one of the most notorious countries in the world primarily because of government control over the different forms of media that its citizens are only allowed access to. There were even some reports claiming that Iran is one of the biggest “enemies of the internet”. Is internet in Iran secure then?

One thing is certain, if you are planning on living or visiting Iran anytime soon, you will definitely deal with the many censorships that the government there implements.

In the United States, there are also internet censorships but not to the extreme levels like some countries such as Iran. The Iranian government dictates what information are accessible and what are restricted to its citizens and internet users for that matter. Here are some information to further understand the gravity of internet censorship in Iran:

  • Facebook is being blocked, but there are times when you can access the site
  • There are 30 major websites that are permanently blocked in Iran
  • Bandwidth is very limited in Iran. This prevents its citizens to download media such as streaming contents
  • Public internet services only have limited bandwidth speeds. They only allow 128 kbps to avoid downloads

The Iranian government has an agency or program called the National Control System. Instead of using various ISPs, all internet connections are sent to only one place. This will allow the government to track everything that users are doing on the internet and easier to censor contents.

Use VPN to unblock internet in Iran

In order for Iranians and tourists for that matter, to maximize the use of the internet, they need the VPN technology. By using a VPN connection, you will virtually be invisible online. Your IP address will be hidden; therefore you will be able to access any website you want.

Hackers and spies (including the government) will not be able to know what you are doing on the internet or what websites you are accessing. Get the best VPN in Iran to bypass all sorts of internet restrictions. There are so many VPN providers to choose from. Read product reviews to know the best VPN for you.

VPN is a solution against the Iranian government censorships. Get VPN now and enjoy the internet to the fullest!