Use VPN to Watch Netflix on iPhone

netflix vpn iphone

Have you recently purchased an iPhone and are enjoying the freedom it gives you to watch movies away from home? Are you planning on traveling for work or pleasure, and have just discovered that the movies you have been watching from Netflix will not be available to you because Netflix blocks users from outside of the U.S.? You have now run into the problem that people all over the world are discovering – websites and apps blocked from use in certain areas or countries. Do you still want to watch Netflix on iPhone wherever you may be? There is a simple solution to your problem, and it is called VPN, or Virtual Private Network.

How Can a VPN help Me Watch Netflix on iPhone

First, you need to know how a VPN works. Once you have signed up with a VPN, you can be assigned an IP from an area that allows viewing of the blocked or banned websites that you wish to view (such as the US) . Your normal IP will be hidden, allowing you to surf the web safely and securely. In this way, wherever you are in the world, you are able to visit your favorite websites, and even view Netflix on your iPhone! VPN’s use highly secure systems so that your viewing habits are not available to be tracked. Your online identity is changed to make it appear as if you were in a different country than you presently are.

The 5 Best VPN’s to Use to Watch Netflix on iPhone

At this time, there are thousands of VPN’s available. But which one is the best to use to watch Netflix on your iPhone!? To help you navigate through this market, we’ve created our own list of top 10 VPN providers. You may also check out this poll, Best VPN for iPhone 2013.