Watch Demand 5 Outside UK

Demand 5

Remember the iPlayer from BBC? Demand 5 is Channel 5’s answer to the most popular broadcaster on the planet. Channel 5 does offer some amazing reality shows and programs that scores well in terms of the entertainment factor.

Apart from offering an option to watch shows before being aired (this requires a paid subscription), Demand 5 is also home to programs imported from the US, namely, CSI, The Walking Dead and Grey’s Anatomy, which are highly popular TV shows. It would be worthwhile to mention that Demand 5 is one of the most in-demand ‘on-demand video streaming’ online entertainment channels in the world.

Demand 5 apps are available for download on both the iTunes store as well as the Google store; hence, Demand 5 can be watched over a multitude of devices. Demand 5 is accessible through iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Linux systems, which pretty much covers the entire range of market in terms of supported operating systems. Demand 5 is even accessible on entertainment digital media receivers and video game consoles such as the Xbox.

Accessing Demand 5 Services

Unfortunately, Demand 5 is available only in the UK. Due to licensing regulations, Demand 5 can only be accessed by users residing within the UK. Similar to the BBC iPlayer, Demand 5 website employs geographic filters that block any visitor that does not possess a valid UK IP address. However, there are no other restrictions, and anybody with a valid UK IP address can access the entire collection of shows available at the Demand 5 website.

How To Watch Demand 5 Outside UK

To watch Demand 5 outside UK, you have to change or hide your existing IP address to mask the identity of your actual physical location. If you are outside UK, you can check your IP address by visiting This page will display your existing IP address, your physical location and all other information pertaining to the device you are connecting with. This is what you have to change. Here is a step-by-step guide to watch Demand 5 outside UK through a VPN.

1. Choose a VPN service provider. A VPN service provider will help you to choose a different IP address and change the server location according to your choice. While choosing a VPN service provider, ensure that they do offer servers in the UK, as you will only get a valid UK IP address if you choose a virtual server within the UK.

2. Ensure that the VPN service provider that you choose offers unlimited speed, bandwidth and video streaming capabilities. Some VPN service providers concentrate exclusively on the security aspect of VPN(which will negatively affect speed, bandwidth and online video streaming), but for this purpose, you would only require the services of a VPN for changing your IP address. It would also be preferable if you can choose a VPN service provider that offers a smart DNS option that will allow you to change your IP address without the encryption.

3. Sign up for an account, which will generally cost you in-between $3 and $15 per month. You can browse through our list of recommended VPN service providers to choose the one that suits your budget.

4. Install the VPN software that comes with your VPN subscription or change your network settings manually to change your existing IP address to a UK IP address as per the instructions provided to you by your VPN service provider. The VPN software makes this job easier by simply offering you a drop-down menu for choosing your favored server location.

5. Once you are connected to a UK server through your VPN, visit once again to ensure that your IP address is indeed a valid UK IP address.

6. Visit the Demand 5 website and click on any video. You should be able to stream videos without any error messages.

Legality Of Using A VPN To Watch Demand 5 Outside UK

Using a VPN to watch Demand 5 outside UK is entirely legal, as there are no unethical means adopted while accessing content. By using a VPN, you are simply encrypting your connection. Changing an IP address is just an added benefit of subscribing to a VPN, and till date, not a single on-demand entertainment channel has come out in the open declaring their illegality. However, a VPN service must be used only for legal purposes, and any illegal activities will lead to the VPN service provider taking action against the perpetrator, including assisting investigative authorities and courts in legal proceedings.