How To Know Which VPN Is Most Secure And Trustworthy

Being a website that constantly reviews VPN services, online security threats and the latest VPN technologies, we constantly receive questions as to which VPN is the most secure and trustworthy for subscribing. As a VPN reviewer, we believe that it is up to the user to understand their preferences with respect to the security and online anonymity. However, as a guideline, we can provide a few pointers to help you understand which VPN works best under your budget and security requirements.

Pointer #1: Data Logs – The Most Important Aspect

It is the most primary consideration for choosing the most secure VPN provider. A VPN company that can offer 100% guarantee that they will not keep any data logs is the most trustworthy and secure VPN service provider in our books. And we are aware that there are not a lot of VPN service providers in the industry who can provide this type of guarantee, but there are companies such as IPVanish VPN, BolehVPN, Private Internet Access and NordVPN that does not store any data logs. Always go through the VPN service providers’ data logging policy before signing up.

Pointer #2: Ensure No IP Matching To Enhance Online Anonymity

Each and every VPN service provider needs to be accessed over an ISP. This means that the user will connect to a VPN service provider using an IP address assigned to them from the ISP. However, in the case of an investigation, it is up to the VPN service provider to keep this information confidential. If the VPN service provider is capable of matching a user to a specific IP address, it is also possible for any investigative agency to match the IP and timestamp to a user, which will help them to pinpoint the exact activities of a user. The alternative is to offer varying IP address (dynamic IP address) to the user and assigning a single IP address to multiple users so as to mask the identities of all concerned users. IPVanish, Private Internet Access, BolehVPN, BoxVPN, and NordVPN are a few VPN service providers that offer dynamic and shared IP addresses to ensure complete online anonymity.

Pointer #3: Anonymous Payment Options

Most of us are aware of the fact that payment gateways are the most revealing identifiers of a subscriber. Online payment gateways such as PayPal, Credit/Debit cards and Google Checkout reveals a lot about the user including name, physical address, phone numbers and other sensitive information. It is possible for a VPN company to link such financial information to a user’s VPN activity, in which case, it is also easy for any authority to track the online activities of the user concerned. We believe that it is up to the VPN company to adopt anonymous online payment methods such as BitCoin, which will enhance anonymity for the users. For the best results, it is preferable to sign up for a VPN subscription by using BitCoin as a payment option and running Tor in the background. HideMyAss Pro VPN, Private Internet Access and TorGuard supports BitCoin as a payment option.

Pointer #4: Jurisdiction & Takedown Notice Compliance

It will be naïve from the user’s perspective to believe that a VPN company can offer complete online security and anonymity. Recent events and happenings are just indicators to understand that not all VPN companies are safe. Jurisdiction plays an important part, as most countries have strict laws in place that forces the VPN companies to impart data with the Court and investigative agencies. Some large VPN companies also comply with DMCA and EUCD takedown notices. Yes, we believe that all VPN users should follow the laws and rules applicable, but VPN companies that readily impart information to third parties cannot be trusted. Therefore, it is important to avoid companies based out of countries with strict laws such as European countries, China, US and similar jurisdictions. Countries such as Panama, Netherlands and Russia are great jurisdictions for setting up VPN companies.

Pointer #5: Beware of Excessive Restrictions & Freedom

We have seen and reviewed a lot of VPN services and found that not all advertising promises are met. Some companies offer invalid promises, and we know more than to trust these services for their word. Beware of any company that imposes unnecessary restrictions or offers ‘too good to be true’ offers or freedom to use their services. An honest VPN company will be forthcoming about their services, and will only offer what they can.

These are a few main pointers that will help you find out which VPN is the most secure and the most trustworthy. It ultimately comes down to your budget and the sort of encryption, security and features that you want from your VPN service provider. No matter which VPN provider you choose, always ensure that you can enjoy complete online privacy and anonymity.