How to Use the Roku Box Outside the US

Roku is a small box movie-streaming box that allows instant streaming of all US-based in-demand services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, Pandora and FOX directly to a TV. With this device, you can easily watch your favourite HD movies and TV shows in the comforts of your own home. Unfortunately, the Roku Box will not work outside the US. But there is a trick to it – there is a way to use Roku Box outside the US.

How To Use Roku Box Outside the US

If you try to access an online streaming service from your Roku Box player, your location will be checked by the website. If you don’t have a preferred IP address, then you won’t be able to view any video from that site. Your IP address is a unique identification that is provided by your local Internet Service Provider (ISP), thus disclosing details about your exact location, giving away which country you are exactly located.

You can check what IP you have but you can never edit this number. However, if you connect to a Virtual Private Network, you can easily hide your actual IP address and connect to the internet using a different IP address, say a US IP address.

A VPN server serves as a middleman between your connected device and your target website or service. So, when the service look at your IP address, it will see a different IP address; thus it will think that you are located in the US and would eventually allow you to access their service. Use a VPN so you can easily use Roku Box outside the US – it is much simpler than it sounds.

How to connect to VPN on your Roku Box?

Unfortunately, there is no particular VPN client for a Roku Box. The only way to connect to VPN on your Roku Box player is through a wireless VPN compatible router. There are different kinds of routers available in the market, but only a few allow configuration between your Roku Box and a VPN service. I personally like ASUS RT-N16 because it gives the best speeds and it will allow setup to a VPN without any hassle.

Before we go over the tutorial on how to setup a VPN, a router and a Roku Box altogether, you first need to sign up to a VPN service. After which follow the step-by-step instructions below.

*Note in this tutorial, we are using an ASUS RT-N16 router. Make sure that your router can be configured with a VPN without needing to flash a custom firmware like DD-WRT, OpenWRT or Tomato firmware.

1. Launch a web browser to access the router’s setting. Key in on the URL or address bar.
2. On the Advance Settings menu, click on “WAN”. Choose PPTP as the WAN Connection.
3. The following should be ticked “Yes” too: Enable WAN, Enable NAT and Enable UPnP.
4. Select “No” for “Connect to DNS server automatically”. Now enter the IP address for Primary and Secondary DNS server ( and
5. Now input your login details for your VPN client.
6. Choose MPPE 128 as the PPTP option, and leave “Additional pppd options” blank.
7. You will need to get the IP address of the VPN server which you want to connect to.
8. Leave the “Host name” and “Mac Address” fields blank.
9. Click on “Apply” to finish configuration.
10. Reboot the router.

Let’s configure the Roku Box.

1. First, disconnect the Roku Box from the internet.
2. Open a browser and go to This time choose USA as your country.
3. Enter a valid USA zip code.
4. You will need to reset your Roku device by going to Home Screen then selecting Factory Reset.
5. Reconnect from the internet and setup the Roku device again. You should now get contents for the US Roku Store.


In order to use a Roku Box player outside the US, you only need two things: A wireless router and a VPN account. Then simply configure your router with your VPN service by following the step-by-step guidelines.