The Best VPN for Smartphone

Smartphones have become an important and integral accessory for every tech savvy person. Smartphones are even being used extensively by all kinds of people, even by those who really don’t need the features and techs available in a smartphone. From school students to portfolio managers, every other individual now possesses a smartphone or a tablet.

As far as operating systems are concerned, Smartphones come in different versions. Android and iOS are the world’s most used and the most preferred operating systems for smartphones. While iOS is a proprietary operating system for devices owned by Apple, Android is used by all major smartphone manufacturers. There are up and coming smartphone operating systems such as Windows mobile OS that is starting to gather momentum in the market, while existing mobile OS such as Symbian and Blackberry is also being used by a minor part of the smartphone market.

Every feature and app available in a smartphone is designed around the internet, and users need constant access to the internet to be able to utilize their smartphone in an optimal manner. And as we all know, transmitting data over networks is dangerous, especially if we use public hotspots or networks without proper precautions.

We have already covered the aspect of protecting your home network connection using a VPN, but due to the extent of smartphone and mobile users, we believe that VPN for smartphones is a must have, especially since online hackers and data thieves are concentrating their efforts on smartphones and related mobile operating systems. We have also covered the topic on how to use smartphone VPN for online security and privacy.

Whether you own an iPhone or an Android smartphone, to find the best VPN, you should understand the basic functionalities and version of your current smartphone operating system. Choosing a VPN for smartphone should be done with the utmost care, since not all mobile operating systems support a VPN. Currently, Windows does not support VPN for any of their smartphones, and Windows is only planning on adding VPN functionality in their upcoming Windows Phone 8 version. Android and iOS on the other hand, has a built-in VPN feature using PPTP and L2TP VPN protocols.


Some of the major VPN companies are now offering dedicated VPN apps for smartphones, which makes the job of connecting to a VPN through a smartphone easier than ever before. And at the forefront of offering world-class VPN for smartphone is VyprVPN. In our recently held VPN Creative’s Inagural VPN Awards, VyprVPN was chosen as the best VPN for smartphone (mobile) by our dear readers. Offering dedicated VPN apps for both Android and iOS, VyprVPN offers one of the fastest VPN services with strong encryption to ensure that your smartphone data remains safe and secure, even over public networks.