What Makes OverPlay’s Smart DNS Service So Cool?

Overplay has recently launched a new tool that should be very useful to people who want to access websites that have been blocked on their network. Overplay has branded this wonderful new service as Smart DNS.

Smart DNS offers convenience much in the same way as a VPN service. This is true since Smart DNS allows you to access sites that have been blocked by a local or national firewall. But unlike a VPN, Smart DNS does not provide any form of encryption. The service is ideal for those who are looking for a way to directly access certain restricted websites right away without the need of installing a VPN first.

Overplay is promoting this new service, Smart DNS as a bonus to their standard VPN packages. Meaning, this service is free of charge to all paid subscribers. So, wherever you want to get past a firewall but have no intention of using your existing Overplay VPN service, use Smart DNS instead.

Things You Need to Know About Smart DNS

First of all, Smart DNS is not a complete substitute to a VPN. It lacks one crucial function or feature, namely the encryption. If protecting your online privacy is a big deal to you, then you should make use of a VPN. Smart DNS will only allow you to access blocked sites; it will not mask your IP nor will it hide your internet activities. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) would still be able to monitor your activity.

Smart DNS is meant to provide convenience; not as a security tool. It lets you bypass firewalls and restrictions without running your VPN client app. But don’t get too complacent using this tool. You still need to use a VPN for dangerous, malicious or unfamiliar websites.

Smart DNS relies on whitelisted sites. This means that there are certain sites that you still won’t be able to access. Overplay’s whitelist is constantly being expanded, though. So don’t assume that you can access all desired websites using Smart DNS.

Smart DNS Works With All System or Devices

What’s great about the Smart DNS is that it can be used on every kind of system or internet-capable devices. You can configure your routerto work with the service, which will allow your entire network – even those who don’t have an Overplay VPN account – to access sites that are blocked by the ISP. Again, Smart DNS comes free with an Overplay subscription. But there it can also be availed by non-Overplay subscribers for only $4.95 a month!

Smart DNS is definitely a welcome addition to Overplay’s already impressive list of features. If you are still not a subscriber yet, you may want to check out our extensive review of Overplay to help you decide if this VPN service provider is suited to your needs.