How To Call Free On Skype – US Unlimited Account Using VPN

Free Call on Skype

In this article, we’ll show you how to make any video or voice call free on Skype. Skype is an amazing VOIP platform. It offers remarkable voice and video clarity for online video conferencing or just simple voice calls. And most of all, it is free, which means that you can call free on Skype.

Yes, there are other free products from mainstream companies such as Google and Yahoo, however, Skype has found a right note among users with their product and it continues to be a popular choice for VOIP.

Unfortunately, Skype is only free for Skype-to-Skype conversations. As with all other instant messaging systems, Skype works brilliantly if both ends have Skype installed in them. Skype platforms are available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and other mobile devices, making it easy for users to install and talk on Skype wherever they are. But if you wish to call phone numbers from Skype, you would require Skype Credits or monthly subscriptions.

Premium Skype Services

Being a free VOIP service and owned by Microsoft, Skype needs revenue to sustain the platform independently. The revenue is mainly gained by offering a few premium services and products. Most popular and prominent among these services are ‘Skype Credits’ and ‘Subscriptions’. These services are provided to users who use Skype for making local/international calls or for sending instant messages to mobile devices.

Skype Credit

Skype Credit is a simple concept. You buy Skype credits in a base currency and use it to make calls and send messages to phone numbers. The call rates vary according to your country and currency.


There are different subscriptions available for different calling plans, and once again, the calling rates vary according to the country and currency.

Can You Call Free On Skype For Phone Numbers?

In simple terms, no. Currently, calling phone numbers or sending messages only work with subscriptions or Skype credits, as it is the sole form of revenue for Skype. However, there are instances where you can call free on Skype to other phone numbers.

Skype will periodically send promos and offers to their existing users offering free calls on Skype for a limited period. This will usually last for a week or up to a month. Apart from these promotional offers, you can’t expect to make a call free on Skype to other phones.

However, you can call free on Skype by using an unlimited subscription account and this can be used for unlimited calling to specific countries. In fact, unlimited world calling is also only available for select countries such as US and UK.

Differing Call Rates For Different Subscribing Countries

While Skype is popular and offers some of the cheapest calling rates in the industry, it still differentiates its users in terms of demographics and nationality. Subscribers from US normally gets the cheapest rate, while callers from Europe, Asia and other parts of the world usually pay a premium for the different Skype products. Even the unlimited subscription accounts to call free on Skype are restricted to countries such as US and UK.

At first glance, the difference between rates may seem minimal, especially since the rates are quoted in cents per minute or month. But if you use Skype extensively for calls to local or international numbers, the extended duration can run up to higher dollars.

How To Use A VPN For Lower Skype Calling Rates?

It is clearly evident that a Skype account in the US is the best option for lower calling rates or in other words, choosing the ‘Unlimited World’ or ‘Unlimited US’ option. But if you are outside the US, it is next to impossible to get a US based subscription. Skype servers check for the visitor IP address to determine the actual physical location of the user, before granting them options for choosing a subscription.

While there are different base currencies for Skype Credits, one can choose the US $ as a base currency, but still, the rates will be different and higher for subscribers outside the US, along with the absence of an option to choose free calling unlimited account. This is where you need to offer an American IP address to the Skype servers to enable you to sign up for a US account.

To choose a US IP address, you have different options between choosing a Virtual Private Network (VPN), a proxy or web browser add-ons. In our extensive testing, we have found out that a VPN service, like HideMyAss Pro VPN offers the best results in terms of speed, reliability and stability, which is why we have chosen the use of VPN for this task.

  • Choose a VPN service provider according to your budget and subscribe to their VPN service
  • Select an American IP address and server from the VPN terminal
  • Visit the Skype website and enter your information. It would be wise to create a fake US address with a valid ZIP code
  • Enter your credit card details and choose subscription or Skype Credit. Make payment
  • Download the Skype platform and you are ready to use your US based subscription
  • Always ensure that your VPN connection is turned ‘ON’ while connecting to the Skype server or while logging in. This is imperative for you to enjoy the least calling rates

Savings Of A VPN – The Cost, Anonymity, Censorship & Security Aspect

Understandably, a VPN will cost a bit and you might be guessing whether the savings of a US based Skype subscription account will be justified by using a VPN. First of all, a VPN subscription is available for as low as $2 per month, and you can choose a good one for around $4 to $7 a month. If we consider the difference between call rates for US and other parts of the world, it makes sense to use a VPN for heavy Skype users.

Some might argue that an unlimited subscription package will eradicate this cost difference, as the VPN subscription cost will offset the savings. The problem with this is that such unlimited packages are only available for specific countries and not all nationalities can choose the unlimited world package to call free on Skype. A user can also avail the services of a VPN to sign up for multiple Skype accounts, as is the case with large organizations, where there are immense cost savings.

Another aspect of using a VPN for Skype is online anonymity and security. In some countries, Skype is blocked due to several political reasons, and it makes sense to subscribe to a VPN for unblocking Skype in these regions.

In other areas, Government agencies and even hackers are known to eavesdrop on Skype conversations to glean sensitive information, which affects privacy and security. Using a VPN will eradicate this issue by encrypting your web traffic, hence, all video and voice data is securely encrypted before being relayed through the internet connection.

Getting an opportunity to call free on Skype to external phone numbers is extremely rare. But the next best thing would be discounted call rates, which can be easily achieved by using a VPN and subscribing for a US based Skype account.