Watch The BBC iPlayer Abroad, No Matter Where You Are!

So you have paid your license fee, and you are getting ready to travel abroad for a brief amount of time. But once abroad, you have just realized that your favorite BBC shows are blocked, and you can’t just do anything about it. All you can see is the error message which mentions that the iPlayer is blocked for everyone trying to view it from outside the U.K, even if the visitor is a BBC license fee payer.

It doesn’t matter where you are from, and whether you are a paid subscriber, because, once you get out of the U.K, you are basically bound by technical and other licensing regulations, which prevent the BBC from broadcasting its content to a global audience. We can’t really blame the BBC for protecting their rights now, can we?

You do have a few options left to watch BBC iPlayer abroad. One is to choose a free proxy server from the U.K and access the iPlayer through that proxy. But good luck in finding one that works perfectly with streaming media. Free proxy servers are usually server farms with only profits in mind. Therefore, you can’t be assured of reliability or speed, both of which are prerequisites for watching a good show on the iPlayer.

Or you can choose a free VPN. But free VPN providers don’t always provide features that we like, but on the contrary, we have to customize our requirements according to the VPN provider’s specifications. If you can take a close look at all the free VPN service providers in the market, you will notice that they usually provide a free server in a neutral country such as the U.S. There is a good reason behind this. By providing a free VPN subscription, companies can lure customers in and then upsell their premium products, which will consist of servers and IP addresses in the U.K. Therefore, you aren’t really going anywhere with this option.

The final option is to go for a paid VPN subscription in the first place. Granted that you will have to pay a subscription fee on top of your BBC license fee, but that is the price that you will have to pay for going out of the comfort zone of the BBC. It might seem unfair initially, but when we get to think about it, using a VPN while going abroad can be hugely beneficial. For instance, connecting through a VPN not only ensures that you get access to BBC iPlayer outside the U.K, but you can also guarantee yourself a safe and secure web browsing experience.

More often than not, moving to a different country and using wireless networks for the sensitive information transfer can prove to be highly dangerous. There are numerous malicious programs and identity thieves who are on the lookout for stealing sensitive information that pass through unrestricted wireless networks. By using a VPN, you can stay safe, as all the traffic will be encrypted and will pass through secure tunnels, thereby rendering you peace of mind.

So, while planning your trip abroad, make sure that you invest in a good VPN service such as HideMyAss!, which will allow you to stay up-to-date with your favorite shows on the iPlayer, and a secure web browsing experience is just an added bonus! If you want to choose any other VPN service, please visit our VPN directory to get detailed reviews about the best VPN providers companies in the industry.