How to Unblock Facebook

There are a few different ways to unblock Facebook and accessing your account, no matter where you are. Regardless if Facebook is blocked by your school, university or office network, or if you are living in a country with internet censorship, the following steps will show you how to unblock Facebook.


Photo: Sukharevskyy Dmytro

In this article, we’ll explain two different methods to unblock Facebook: by using a web proxy or by a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Read on to learn the pros and cons for each method and get started on your own computer within minutes.

Unblock Facebook Using Proxies

Connect to a proxy server by either using a proxy website or a proxy from a VPN service provider. Proxy websites are usually free for use, but don’t expect anything in the way of security, reliability or speed. Free proxy servers are usually ad supported, and don’t provide much value in terms of an enjoyable and user-friendly experience.

Most proxy servers are filled with malware and information phishing agents, which will further negate the advantages of using a proxy server in the first place. Nowadays, it is also getting increasingly difficult to access a proxy website from a school or office network and “proxy” related keyword searches on Google are also being blocked by these networks.

Unblock Facebook Using VPN

Using a VPN service provider such as HideMyAss! Pro, on the other hand, offers the convenience of a proxy and the safety of a home network at an affordable price. VPN works by hiding your actual IP address and rerouting your traffic through a secure tunnel. This will work in your favor for unblocking and accessing Facebook from a blocked network.

Once you connect to your VPN network, you will be asked to choose a server and an IP address, both of which will be your target address as far as your school or office network is concerned. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about any kind of Facebook or other social media censorship that most School, Colleges or Office networks adopt.

The best part of using a reliable VPN service provider is anonymity, as all the traffic is encrypted, The only way that you will be caught or blocked is if someone physically sees you browsing through your Facebook account over a blocked network. To unblock Facebook has never been easier!

The Practice Of Blocking Social Media Websites

To unblock Facebook is great, even if you are just another individual or a large company. We cannot think of a better place for socializing, communicating and keeping in touch with our peers. Unfortunately, Facebook also takes a lot of time and due to the ease of availability, most Facebook users are online most of the time.

This proves to be a problem for educational institutions and companies alike. Education institutions such as schools, colleges and universities offer free wireless network access for their students and faculty members. Club this with the features available on modern hand-held devices, and Facebook is just a tap away. The same applies for companies as well. Employees are given access to a free network for browsing the web for matters related to work. However, employees also take this opportunity to log into their Facebook account which wastes precious working hours for the company.

The only alternative for such institutions is to block Facebook and social media access from within the network. This is done either by installing a program or software to prevent users from accessing a website, or by blocking IP addresses and configuring the network to prevent illegal access. Either way, accessing a Facebook account from such a network can be next to impossible.

In other parts of the world, Facebook is blocked for different reasons, mainly political implications. By now, all of us are aware of how Facebook can turn into a potent tool for communicating with different people across the world and to get the word out. There are oppressive Governments that don’t value human rights and freedom of expression, which are core values of a social media website such as Facebook. For these reasons, Facebook is blocked in these countries, and it also applies for foreign nationals who visit these countries for either personal or business purposes.

You can also go through our list of VPN providers that will help you bypass any sort of internet censorship and help you understand in detail about how to unblock Facebook and other geo-specific websites from any network, immaterial of your actual physical location. Using a VPN is by far the best, safe and reliable option for unblocking Facebook.