Free Web Proxy List for Anonymous Surfing (2018)

There is a wide range of free web proxies, and free proxy software available. But not all of them can be used as excellent means for anonymous web browsing. A free web proxy is available using two different methods; namely web proxy servers and proxy software. A free web proxy is one way to improve your online privacy.

Web proxies are usually free to use and are funded through advertising. Free proxy software, on the other hand, is usually available as an open source platform or offered as free trials from major VPN service providers, who will later prompt the user to convert to a paid subscription.

We have compiled a comprehensive list of free web proxies and free proxy software respectively. Our goal is to review the best free proxy options for anonymous web browsing.

These proxies listed here were all tested for their speed, uptime, server availability, server overload, advertising and a host of other factors that contribute to the best browsing experience.

Compared to a VPN connection, using free web proxies has its own disadvantages; it’s not completely secure. Be sure to read the article Disadvantages of Free Web Proxy Compared to Premium VPN Service.

Free Web Proxies

Free Proxy servers are relatively easy to use and are more oriented towards offering an option of anonymity as well as accessing blocked content through a website interface.

The free web proxy servers usually offer an address bar on a dedicated web page, which is usually full of advertisements and promotional materials.

A user can choose to visit a website anonymously by typing the URL into the address bar.

This form of anonymous web browsing is the least secure and have very slow loading time. Here are a few free web proxies that offer above par browsing experience:

Free Web Proxies


HideMyAss is a reputable company that has been around since 2005. HideMyAss is best-known for offering VPN services but it also offers web proxy solutions.

Users can use HideMyAss’ web proxy services for free for surfing the internet and securing their internet connections.

Web Proxy by Anonymster

It’s a 100% Free SSL Web Proxy without advertisement.

Free Web Proxy


Surfing the internet with Anonymouse web-proxy service is a great way to secure internet connections and keep all personal information private.

Anonymouse proxy service is ad-supported and can be used by anybody who is looking for a free web proxy solution.

Free Web Proxies


Aniscartujo is a company that offers absolutely free secure and encrypted web proxy services. Aniscartugo is hosted in Chicago, Illinois but most of its web traffic comes from China. Some features include cookie editing, uploads and it doesn’t have ads or popups. claims that it has the most comprehensive list of working proxies. offer both free and paid web proxy services. If you want to secure all your internet activities and have anonymous browsing experiences, choose

Free Web Proxy is a web proxy service provider that is based in Atlanta, Georgia. Among its best features are URL encryption and it also offers a Firefox extension.

For those who want absolutely free and ads-free proxy solutions, is worth a try. The company also has premium services.

Free Web Proxies


Are your favorite websites blocked at your workplace or school? Can’t you connect to certain websites such as social media and streaming channels because they are blocked at your school or office? Bypass all sorts of web/internet restrictions with this amazing proxy service,

Free Web Proxies

Proxy 4 Free

For over the past 9 years, Proxy 4 Free has been providing reliable and free proxy lists/solutions. In its website, you will find various proxy ratings, newly added proxy servers and also a list of non-US servers. If you need anonymous proxies, check and give it a try.

(*) offers a list of free proxies that work from time to time and is often updated according to availability, server load, and other factors.

Free Proxy Software

While a web proxy is browser-based, a proxy software requires a download, but in return, it will encrypt your entire internet connection.

A proxy software runs in the background on your computer and it often provides a faster browsing experience. Another advantage of proxy software over web proxies is that it is advertisement free.

Listed below are some of the best proxy software solutions you can use for free.

free proxy software


ProXPN is perhaps most known as a mainstream VPN service provider; hence, you get more features than standard proxy software. ProXPN offers a free VPN service to its users with VPN servers located in the United States.

It is easy on system resources and offers average browsing speeds. The drawback is the lack of availability of servers in different countries, but being a VPN service provider, ProXPN is limited by resource allocation for their paid customers.

free proxy software

Tor Project

Tor is one of the best free proxy software for anonymous web browsing. Tor can be used by either directly configuring the LAN settings or by downloading the software from their open source website.

The only problem with Tor is that you need to understand about the technicalities of rerouting your internet traffic, which will require you to make extensive use of the Tor Project website resources.

Operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux and even mobile operating systems such as Android are compatible with Tor. Tor is being extensively used by a large number of organizations to hide.

free proxy software


Freegate is a proxy software launched and distributed by the Chinese company Dynamic Internet Technology. It offers two language packs, Chinese and English. The software can be downloaded from their official website or through various download platforms.

No installation is required, and it is a simple executable program. The platform is easy to use and requires minimal user intervention in terms of manual configuration.

Users are rerouted through DynaWeb, which is an anti-censorship network of proxies run by DIT. The major drawback of this system is that it is only accessible to Chinese internet users.

free proxy software


UltraSurf can trace its roots back to the Silicon Valley and was initially launched to offer uncensored and unrestricted web access to Chinese users.

However, over time, Ultrasurf has gained popularity with the general public, and one of their main features should be the security on offer.

Due to their Chinese inclination, Ultrasurf is offered in both English as well as Chinese language packs. The platform in itself is easy to use, and there is no installation required.

UltraSurf can be used with a few of the major operating systems, but it works best with IE. There are a few technical errors that are quite common with UltraSurf, which is to be expected with any free proxy software.

free web proxy software

AnchorFree HotSpot Shield

Hotspot Shield is also a VPN service provider, and the best thing about them is that they offer unlimited bandwidth for Windows and Mac users. Hotspot Shield can be downloaded from their official website and should be installed before use.

It supports a range of languages varying from English, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, French, Persian and Vietnamese. But Hotspot is heavily supported by ads and ad networks, which can prove to be a hindrance to the overall browsing experience.

free web proxy software

Your Freedom

Your Freedom is a proxy platform that offers anonymous web browsing through Socks proxy protocols. The security level and speed of Your Freedom is excellent and is offered with a program that can be installed on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

The LAN configuration is done automatically, but you will have to wait for a while until the connection sets itself up. While this platform works well for most programs, IMs are found to have a lot of troubles. If you are looking for downloads, Your Freedom is certainly not a proxy software to get the job done.


Hyk-proxy runs on Google App Engine, which makes it necessary for one to have a Google application to run Hyk-proxy. Downloading and uploading files using Hyk-proxy is a breeze, and it is also one of the most reliable proxy software for anonymous web browsing.

There are different options for manual LAN configuration, IP mapping and lots of other options for accessing blocked content.

The process of applying for Google Application is a bit cumbersome and tedious. Also, the instructions are written in Chinese. English instructions can be found here.

free proxy app engine


GappProxy is an HTTP proxy client that was conceived by Android. It runs on the Google App Engine, therefore, the instructions are once again written in Chinese. The GappProxy terminal is Windows based.

You can download the GappProxy application from the source and run it without installation. The major drawback of GappProxy is that you have to create a new FetchServer each time you are using GappProxy.

This is done through the Google App Engine and Python. Once again, GappProxy is tedious to use, but is highly effective in accessing blocked content, all the while enjoying anonymity.

free ssh client


Tunnelier is a free proxy platform offered by bitvise and offers free SSH, or Secure Shell Protocol, proxies. This allows web browsing and file transfers at an enhanced level of security and speed.

The program is highly encrypted, which means that this is one of the preferred choices of proxies for Government and other organizations. The only problem with Tunnelier is for individual users, as they will be required to sign up for an SSH account from a hosting provider or search for a free one.