Access Restricted Websites Using an IP Address Provided by a VPN Service

There are so many advantages of using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) services and one of them is hiding your real IP address. You can keep your real IP address unknown by virtually masking your IP address representing a different country or location.

With a VPN service, you can enjoy secured web surfing. You can avoid any internet threat such as hackers and other cybercrimes. Using a VPN service will give you extra internet protection. You will also be able to access any restricted websites that are blocked to users from your country. Say you live in Canada or any other country outside of US and you visited a certain website then decided to avail of their services. Only to find out that the website does not allow any transactions from the country or region you live in. You only got an error message saying, “Sorry, This service is not available in your country at the moment”.

Another example is online streaming. There are certain websites or videos for that matter that can only be viewed by users from a certain location or country. You may have been prohibited from viewing a certain video before just because you are not from the United States. There are a lot of these kinds of video restrictions in the internet nowadays.

If you would like to access all this restricted websites even if you are located outside the allowed region, you may want to use a VPN services. This is to hide your real IP address while sending a fake one that is acceptable to the website you are viewing the video from. Even search engines such as google won’t be able to track your real IP address. It will only record the fake IP address that you are using. Using a fake IP address will allow you to view those restricted websites that you can’t access by using your real IP address. Enjoy the best shows on TV and watch them online without any restrictions. Watch Hulu, Fox, BBC and other international shows anytime and anywhere you are.

Enjoy the benefits of using a VPN service. Instantly access all the websites while keeping your real identity to yourself. You can also secure all your internet activities with VPN services. You can choose the VPN services that suits all your internet needs. You can get a new IP address from USA, Panama, Canada, Malaysia, Ireland or any other countries of your choice.