VPN Security: Learn How to Stay Protected Online

“Protect yourself at all times”. This quote doesn’t only apply in boxing, but it also applies in everything you do. With that being said, it is just proper to protect your cyber space too. The internet is now accessible by everyone these days, and that includes those people who are up to no good. There Read More

What is VPN

VPN 101 – What is Virtual Private Network

It’s time to protect your internet activities and a good way to do that, is with the help of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service. What is Virtual Private Network you may ask. A VPN is simply the secured connection between your computer and the internet through a private network called a central organizational network. Read More

Boxee Box Player Review

Boxee is a well-known open source name in the entertainment industry, which used to provide free and open source applications for the computer platform. But in terms of watching Netflix and other internet streaming videos on TV, Boxee is the latest entrant, and certainly late for the party. This certainly reflects badly on the company, Read More

Using a Free Web Proxy vs VPN Service

Using free web proxies has its own advantages and disadvantages. The biggest issue is that is not completely secure; hence, free web proxies should not be used for online activities that involve financial and secure personal information. The speed of browsing is also extremely slow, and there can be malware associated with these servers that Read More

VPN Guide: An Overview of VPN Devices & VPN Compatibility

Most VPN services will work well with desktop computers or laptops. This is because most computers run on Mac and Windows which are standards for VPN compatibility. However, not everyone owns a laptop or a computer. Nowadays, most people would prefer tablets, smartphones and other portable devices. But do VPN services support such devices? A Read More

VPN Technology for Safe Internet Access

Want to learn more about VPN services? This article is all about the VPN technology. Internet security is already a necessity these days because we usually share our personal information or details online through social networks and other websites that requires such identification. It is no surprise why more people want to a safer way Read More

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