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VPNDirect Review

By Paul Nash | 09 August 2014 | No Comments

VPNDirect is not your typical VPN service provider. It may not be the biggest and most popular VPN provider, but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t a good choice. Like most of the VPN service providers out there, VPNDirect offer superb online security services. Here’s a short review of VPNDirect.

VPNDirect Server and Speed Performance


VPNDirect is a great tool that can be used for home use or even when travelling overseas. The company has various servers located in 5 countries. VPNDirect has strategically established its servers in Asia, Europe and America. So no matter where you go or what country you reside in, there would always be a close VPNDirect server to your location. This allows stable and more secured connections.

When it comes to its speed performance, it doesn’t seem to have lags. Speed capability is a big surprise since VPNDirect doesn’t have the same number of servers compared to its top competitors such as HideMyAss! and StrongVPN. To get better speed performance, it is advisable to always connect to the servers that are closer to your location.

VPNDirect Client Setup and Installation Requirements

VPNDirect’s client app is among the simplest in the industry. Downloading the client app is quick and installing it on your computer is also super easy. There are no tweaks required, just install the app provided by VPNDirect and once it’s running, you can already enjoy protected browsing experiences. VPNDirect’s client app is very user-friendly.

VPNDirect works well with Microsoft Windows 7, Vista and XP. Other operating systems are still under development.

As for the number of servers you can connect to, it varies to what subscription you have. For premium users, you can access all the servers available. If you are only using a free VPNDirect, you are only allowed to connect to specific US servers, one of which is the server located in Chicago. If you want to fully access and maximize the use of VPNDirect, better get the premium version.

VPNDirect Premium Version

You can enjoy unlimited VPNDirect access for free, but can only connect to selected servers. However, if you are not satisfied with the lite version, you can opt to get a premium version. Premium account starts at $9.99 for 30 days. You can also avail of discounts if you subscribe to multi-month VPNDirect access; $24.99 for 3 months, $44.99 for 6 months and $74.99 for a year of VPN access. The only available payment option at the moment is PayPal.

Conclusion: VPNDirect Vs. Competition

Regardless of whether you have the lite version or the premium version, VPNDirect offers quality VPN services. It still needs to improve on some aspects, but it’s a good enough choice for a VPN service. It may not be as popular as its competitors, but it can perform as effective and reliable as them.

VPN Direct Facts & Ratings

NameVPN Direct
Servers24+ Servers
VPN ProtocolsOpenVPN
Key FeaturesUnlimited Data Usage, Unlimited Download Speed
Price 1 month$9.99
Price 3 months$24.99
Price 6 months$44.99
Price 12 months$74.99
Reader's Rating (add your own)
VPNDirect Review 2.57/5 (51.43%) 14 votes
Paul Nash


Paul Nash

Paul earned his degree in Electronics Engineering in Manila, Philippines. Reporting from one of Asia’s fastest growing megacities, he has a first-hand perspective on technology development and how it influences and enables people to live better lives. Paul has been writing for VPN Creative since 2012 and is covering subjects related to Internet security, online privacy. In his own words, he is young, ambitious and weird (in the best possible way!).

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