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Cienen Review

By Ryan Braken | 15 October 2013 | No Comments

Amidst the various VPN providers marketing their services online, Cienen VPN makes a very characteristic appearance. Perhaps it’s the company’s claim for 100% guaranteed satisfaction or its longstanding presence (seven years to be precise) that coaxes one to make them the official VPN providers for a business. For some it may even be the image of a speedometer on their website with the sign ‘High Speed VPN Service’ that does the trick!

Either way Cienen VPN does have a lot to promise owing to its reliable server base and invaluable experience of serving the market for many years. How well do they deliver on this promise is a question that depends on what you expect from a VPN provider.

Because of the high need for security and safety on the internet these days, VPN Services have become a must. Not only do you have to spend money to acquire these services, regular maintenance and customer support are important prerequisites to a seamless VPN connection. Therefore, making an informed decision about which provider to subscribe with is important.

Because Cienen VPN serves thousands of customers across the United States and in other countries as well, a look into its basic offering will be helpful for you to decide whether this service is for you or not.

Customer Service

Customer Support is no doubt a big strength for Cienen. Customer Support Representatives work 24 hours and 7 days a week to make sure that whenever you call they are available to solve problems and answer queries. Apart from being available on the hotline, Customer Support Representatives can also be reached via the online chat option on the website.

Moreover, staff is fully trained with advanced knowledge about VPN and associate services so that they can serve you better as VPN technology advances day by day. Cienen prides itself for this service and claims a money back guarantee if customers are not satisfied.

Device and Software Support

Device and software support is one of the most important determinants when you choose a VPN provider. Even if a VPN Service is world class, if it does not work with your hardware and software choices, it is of no benefit to you. Therefore, knowing which programs Cienen supports is important.

Cienen works efficiently on Windows, Symbian S60, Android device, iPhone, Mac, iPod Touch and iPad. It also works with a DD-WRT Router device so you can connect it with gaming consoles easily. To make browsing, configuration and installation an easy process, Cienen has designed applications for the software it supports. These include iOS app, Android app, Mac OXS app and Windows app.

Server Locations

Even though Cienen has been around for almost a decade, its servers are located in only five countries. These include the United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Switzerland and Canada. This reach does ensure steady speed and reasonable upload times, however server overload may also be a common problem.

To make sure the servers operate efficiently, several 10GB ports are installed on each of them so that clients do not have to endure painfully slow speeds. For this added measure, Cienen’s efforts for customer satisfaction are commendable.

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Cienen Facts & Ratings

Countries4+ Countries with Servers
VPN ProtocolsOpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, L2TP/IPSec
PlatformsWindows, Android, Mac OS/X, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, DD-WRT
Key FeaturesMac OSX App, Windows App, iOS App, Android App, No Activity Logs, Unlimited Data Usage, Unlimited Download Speed
Price 1 month$9.95
Price 3 months$29.85
Price 6 months$59.70
Price 12 months$119.40
Free Trial3 Hours
Reader's Rating (add your own)
Cienen Review 2.00/5 (40.00%) 3 votes


Ryan Braken

For more than five years, Ryan have been writing about online anonymity and how to protect your personal information. Based out of London, United Kingdom, he has been studying the trends in online behavior, and exploitation of customer data. His ambition is to educate regular Internet users for safer behavior online. Only this way, we can make the Internet a safer place to be.

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