European Parliament Votes in Favor of Net Neutrality
BY Keane J.

Following up on our story from earlier, the European Parliament has voted in favor of amendments that proper define net neutrality as well as ending roaming fees by 2016. The changes address a number of loopholes that telecom companies were able to exploit and change Internet services to “specialized services”. The vote declares that all…

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Millions Could End Up Getting Screwed Without Net Neutrality
BY James Cummings

Net neutrality was a popular topic earlier in the year. Many have not heard much since the major stories hit the mainstream news. So what exactly is developing on this issue and how will this affect Internet users in the near future? Are any actual developments even coming to the surface yet or is it…

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Best Sweden VPN 2014
BY Shahadat Hossain

Sweden seems to be fairly liberal when it comes to the Internet. In fact, we couldn’t find any formal Internet censorship in the country that raised our eyebrows. The World Wide Web Foundation ranks Sweden number one amongst 81 other countries (last updated in 2013). The ranking looks at what countries advance human rights and…

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