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The method of having a secure “tunnel” where data and exchange of information, through encryption, happens used to be utilized by telephone companies for their communication lines to protect important business information. Nowadays, the same technique known as VPN is already widely applied to access the internet in a secure manner. With paid or free VPN, theft and fraudulent activities are curbed.

There are different VPN services available to internet users. There are paid VPN, free VPN and the trial versions. While free VPN sounds encouraging since you would get security, anonymity and data traffic protection for free, put yourself on the VPN company’s shoe; would you give out excellent services for free? Better yet, weigh down the advantages and disadvantages of free VPN services before getting the service.

Disadvantages of Free VPN

A free VPN often gives you the false idea that your data and information are encrypted. But in reality, you remain exposed to hackers because VPN companies would not really invest in protecting individuals without getting anything in return. Most users of free VPN complain about slower speed connections and they don’t even know its cause. If you are experiencing the same, open a different web browser to see if the speed picks up.

VPN service providers do not bother maintaining or updating their services which is why most free VPN services are impressive from the onset but becomes disappointing later on. An intermittent service causes web pages to load improperly, files downloading discontinuously, and you may even notice that you can no longer access blocked websites using your free VPN issued IP address.

By subscribing to free VPN, you are notified that you are protected against spam from websites you visit. However, you don’t get spam protection from the VPN service provider itself. Also, these free services of VPN are supported by ads on the browser. Thus, they will try to make a sale from you by flashing annoying ads encouraging you to switch from free to premium service. Free VPNs also switch your homepage and search engine to default settings.

Free VPN service also provides limited choice of country for your IP address unlike paid VPN wherein you can choose the IP address you want for free access to blocked websites. Given this limitation, you cannot still access websites of your choice. You get free VPN in the hope that you will have anonymity while surfing the internet but in reality, you make your traffic data accessible to VPN service providers which they could sell to advertisers who need data for their products. To keep your information and internet activities safe, well encrypted and protected, choose paid VPN service at all times.



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